Platform - September 2021



Please Note: Beginning with this release, new releases will be designed for the next generation of the Platform. While there are some exceptions, new features will not be available in Legacy. But never fear, we'll make sure we don't break anything in Legacy with the next generation excitement ;).
The next generation of the Platform just got here, but that doesn't mean we're finished! Be on the lookout for enhancements, polishes, and fixes coming in this release and many more beyond!
    Searching, Selections, & Views
    • Enhanced searching in List Layout to allow for comma searching. That's right, we were listening and we heard you! Searching with a comma in List Layout will treat the comma as a wildcard search. For example, on the Participants page in List Layout, searching for "Jones, John" will return results that have both "Jones" and "John."
    • Enhanced the Selected record count to fully display on desktop.
    • Renamed the "Delete" selection action button to "Clear" for, well, for clarity ;).
    • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Search Tool date filter changed when the tool was saved and reopened or a switched between the form and SQL tabs in the tool.
    • Fixed an issue where searches were cleared when results were toggled to "not in."
    User Interface
    • Enhanced default layout so that the Grid Layout will be in the default if: 1) the User is on a desktop; 2) there is not a Facts View assigned to the Page; and 3) the User has not selected the List Layout. You asked for it and we heard you! If you have an idea, add it to the Idea Board and you may see it as a future enhancement!
    • Enhanced the New Record button to appear when no results are returned and when multiple results are returned.
    • Enhanced the Show More dialog size to be consistent with other dialogs.
    • Increased the size of the arrow icons in the Basic Navigation menu to emphasize their presence and make them easier to select.
    • Fixed an issue where users without edit and messaging rights were shown a white line underneath the action menu button.
    • Fixed an issue where Opportunities with a Maximum Needed of zero would cause an error.
    • Fixed an issue where copying an email address added "%20" to the front of the email address.
    • Fixed an issue where accessing the Home screen on mobile produced errors in certain systems.
    • Fixed an issue in the Group Facts View where a very large Group Capacity would cause an error in list view. Note: This update will not be applied if you have modified your Group Facts View.
    • Fixed an issue with impersonation so the impersonating User is taken directly to the "Home" page.
    • *New* Exporting is fully supported, as allowed by Security Roles.
    • Enhanced the Record Picker dialog to focus the curser in the search box when opened.
    • Enhanced the Time Zone Mismatch dialog to set a cache flag so the error will be suppressed until the cache is cleared.
    • Fixed an issue where editing a series did not prompt the user to update the current events, future events, or all events in the series.
    • Fixed an issue where deleted records could be accessed through the Recent Records Panel. Deleted records will also be removed from the Recent Records Panel.
    • Fixed an issue where Phone number fields were not honoring cursor placement.
    • Fixed an issue where Rich Text Fields appeared empty when attempting to edit them.
    • Fixed an issue where an error was received when a Foreign Key Record Fact field was Hidden with Field Restrictions or via Field Management.
    • Fixed an issue where the application of Image Name and Background color did not appear consistently when apply view rules in Grid View. Pro Tip: Use one of these formats for your null conditions:
    • Fixed an issue where the email pattern validation was not working on the Contact record.
    • Fixed an issue where images added via the API could not be viewed.
    • Fixed an issue where the attach dialogue did not remember the resize image preference.
    • Fixed an issue where an error occurred when attempting to copy a Publication.
    • Fixed an issue where event times changed when setting recurrences.
    • Fixed an issue where navigating to Giving Unit Summary or "Gifts (Donations Distributions)" subpage returned an error.
    • Fixed an issue where trying to access a read-only Page or Sub-Page returned an error message.
    • Fixed an issue where UTC time was being added to times when sending notifications via processes. The domain time will now be displayed.
    • *New* Added Subject field to the Item Notification dialog so Users can edit their own subject lines. Yep, another Idea Board gem YOU asked for delivered!
    • Enhanced the Notify dialog to default to enabling "Selected Records" when launched from a Selection.
    • Enhanced the Notification dialog so the option to Send Empty Views option is only available for View Notifications for clarity.
    • Enhanced My Selections and My Notifications to indicate whether they are from a Page or a Sub-Page.
    • Fixed an issue where My Notifications did not have a search option.
    • Fixed an issue where the current record appeared clickable when creating a notification. 
    • Fixed an issue where Notifications did not honor Global Filters.
    • Enhanced the New Message Tool to allow sending a message with only an image in the message body rather than requiring the body contain text.
    • Fixed an issue where a user with no display name could not be added as a delegate.
    • Fixed an issue where Snippets were not populating correctly in the New Message Tool.
    • Fixed an issue where the New Message Tool link popup did not show an existing URL.
    • Fixed an issue where Users with security roles, but without access to Contacts, were unable to access the Platform.
    • Fixed an issue where an error was received when a Foreign Key Record Fact field was Hidden with Field Restrictions or via Field Management.