Platform - Spring 2020

Don't miss exciting new features including a completely revamped, simple, yet powerful New Message Tool, Pages as Sub-Pages, and new Templates Table detailed below!
Tip: We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login with a fresh start!
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Authentication / User Account
  • Enhanced My Profile to include navigation which returns to the previous page (for use with Widgets).
  • Fixed an issue where a recent change to Chrome caused impersonation to continue after a User logged out/logged back in.
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where certain field values under User Account appeared slightly cut-off. 
  • Fixed an issue where successful authentication redirected to My Profile if the User had previously logged out of the application in multiple tabs. 
Charts / Dashboards
  • Fixed an issue where all numerical values on Charts displayed decimals. This has been limited to fields with datatype "money". 
User Interface / Layout / Graphics 
  • Fixed an issue where Identity Provider 'Windows Authentication' overflowed on certain smaller devices. When exists, this value has been shortened to 'Windows'. 
  • Fixed an issue where search cut-off the cursor and last few characters of particularly long search phrases
Schema - Tables, Pages, Fields
  • *New* Sub-Pages have been simplified to improve functionality! Sub-Pages are now based on Pages rather than directly on Tables. 
  • Enhanced Page Sections with new field 'Basic Navigation Page'. This field will be used for enhancements this summer! In the meantime, please leave this value blank. 
  • Enhanced performance for My Calls by adding new indexes. 
  • Enhanced a handful of Default Field Lists to source Display Name from Contacts rather than Users. 
  • Fixed an issue where Page 'Contact Identifier' had an incorrect Primary Key value. 
Important! To enhance Sub-Page functionality, we have made a major change to how Sub-Pages are configured. As part of the update, all existing Sub-Page records will be updated automatically as needed. No action is required to have all Sub-Pages continue to appear and function as they did before the update. Sub-Page records based on a Table which does not have a corresponding main Page record will have a Page record created for them (these Pages will be added to the Hidden Pages Page Section).

By virtue of the fact that dp_Sub_Pages.Default_Field_List has been removed, the sub-page’s “All Records” view may have changed and any Default Field List customization has also been removed. If desired, you can create views to display the fields how you would like, then assign those views as the Default View on the Sub-Page record. We encourage you to use this as an exciting opportunity to leverage the added benefits of Sub-Pages now inheriting everything from Target Pages!

Custom development should not be done against the dp_Sub_Pages table. However, if you have done any custom development that relies on fields from the dp_Sub_Pages table, please update your custom development to remove references/dependencies on the following fields as they will no longer exist after the Platform Spring 2020 release:

  • Singular_Name
  • Link_To_Page_ID
  • Link_From_Field_Name
  • Select_To_Page_ID
  • Primary_Table
  • Primary_Key
  • Default_Field_List
  • Selected_Record_Expression
  • Relation_Type
  • Contact_ID_Field
  • Date_Pivot_Field
  • Start_Date_Field
  • End_Date_Field
  • Custom_Form_Name
  • Display_Copy

Again, values in these Sub-Page fields will be automatically moved to the appropriate new Sub-Page fields as part of the update and no action is required. If you have any questions, please contact Support.

Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • Fixed an issue where editing Records with a datetime value including 12:00 AM would increment the date backwards for Users with an offset from Domain Time. 
  • *New* Replaced Select Message Recipients Dialog with a new, more streamlined Recipients list.
  • *New* Send any Message to Recipient's Heads of Household instead! Tokens will render for the Recipients. 
  • *New* Send a copy of any Message to yourself before sending to all Recipients. Tokens will not be rendered. This exciting new feature has replaced the 'Preview' step. 
  • *New* Optionally exclude Recipients who have opted out of "Bulk Email" before sending a Message. 
  • *New* Templates are now managed through a dedicated 'Templates' Page
  • *New* Messages containing attachments (added manually or via a Template) now display a badge icon with an attachment count
  • *New* Any Sub-Page View can be configured to appear in the new Recipients list. 
  • Fixed an issue where Message Body was not cleared when send failed due to a missing email address. 
Important! To enhance Messaging functionality, we are creating a new Templates table (dp_Communication_Templates). As part of the update, all existing, active Templates (Message records where Template = True and Expire_Date is null or in the future) will be copied automatically to this new table. Aside from the Security Role action listed below, no action is required to have all Templates continue to appear in the New Message Tool and function as they did before the update unless the Template had an attachment. To move attachments over, please follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Message. 
  2. Click attached file to launch File Viewer. 
  3. Download file. 
  4. Navigate to desired Template. 
  5. Attach recently downloaded file. 

Please Note: Platform drop downs and pick lists, Configuration Settings, Item Notifications, and Widget Attributes that reference a Message_ID will continue to do so. We will evaluate and update these in the future as appropriate.

In the interim, for Templates that need to be used in Notifications and chosen from a Messages drop down/pick list (such as the Event Reminder Notification):

  1. Create Template 
  2. Launch New Message Tool 
  3. Select Template
  4. Click "Save as Draft" (or send to yourself or a selection)
  5. The Template will now be a Message and you will find it in the Notification Pick List
Advanced Search / Views / Notifications
  • *New* Audit Log fields related to actions taken on behalf of another User or while impersonating another User can now be added to Views via Advanced Search.
  • Enhanced Read-Only Pages to remove the Created and Updated fields on the Advanced Search dialog since these fields are not available on Read-Only Pages. 
  • Fixed an issue where inequality symbols applied to fields with datatype "money" caused extra columns and spacing to be added when alternating between SQL and Form layouts
  • Fixed an issue where search terms containing a space followed by 'or' (e.g. Lake Orion) where not parsed correctly in Advanced Search due to a conflict with the OR operator. 
Important! If you had any views that referenced a removed Sub-Page field (see above), they will error after the update and need to be updated to reflect the new Sub-Page fields.
Security Roles
Action Required! Make sure to add access to the new Templates table to other appropriate Security Roles as desired to ensure Templates are accessible for the desired Users in the New Message Tool. See: Page Permissions.
Grid, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt Layout
  • Fixed an issue where certain HTML stored in rich text fields caused Views containing that field to render incorrectly. 

Processes / Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where adding multiple Records returned an error and omitted one Record when this action triggered a Process with invalid SQL in the Dependent Condition
API / Webhooks
  • Enhanced Swagger UI to include existing endpoint /refreshMetadata useful for quickly refreshing metadata cache. 
  • Fixed an issue where Audit Log entries for records containing data type "money" always included those fields even when that field value had not been updated. 
  • Fixed an issue where disabled API Clients with authentication flow "Client Credentials" could still receive authentication tokens. 
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate operation names caused the Swagger UI validator to display "Invalid". 
  • Fixed an issue where Messages appeared/disappeared from RSS Feed Widgets according to UTC Time rather than Domain Time. 
  • Fixed an issue where the value of a new password was visible in the query string. Value is now stored in body using endpoint /users/{userId}/set-user-password. 
Important! For improved security, we are phasing out the old Set Password Endpoint: /users/{userId}/set-password. If you have used this endpoint, please update your custom development to use our new, more secure Set User Password Endpoint: /users/{userId}/set-user-password as soon as you receive the Platform Spring 2020 release.Both endpoints will be available for several months to give you time to make the change. The old endpoint will be disabled in the Platform Fall 2020 release. If you have any questions, please contact Support.
Attach Files / File Management
  • Fixed an issue where the File Viewer displayed a password prompt, rather than an error, when opening a corrupted file. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain files were only visible in an incognito browser or after logging out/back in.