Platform - Summer 2015


The Summer 2015 Release includes a handful of small updates.  Here is a basic summary of the updates that went into this release:

  • Fixed an issue that would not allow Time Data Types to be assigned during a mass update.
  • Fixed an issue where Field Restriction counts are compounded by filtered pages.
  • Fixed an inconsistent behavior with the picklist and the display of the 'New Record' button.
  • Fixed an issue with saving a record on a filtered page.  If the change to the record caused the record to fall out of scope for the filter clause, the record would not save.  
  • Congregation Name is now a standard field in the New Message Tool.
  • Email Quotas with a value of NULL will now mean Nothing or 0, not unlimited.  This change is being implemented to clarify the Email Quota field.  This means no one will have unlimited email sending capabilities.  Please review your email quotas accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue with the New Message Tool and send on behalf functionality.  The tool now correctly uses the correct FROM address.
  • Changed the Email Address field on the Contact page so that validation would correctly work.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented QuickAdd rights from working as designed.
  • Fixed several issues with selections on custom views and when columns have been re-ordered.
  • Fixed metadata that prevented editing old tasks attached to record.
  • Fixed the Validation for the dp_Email Field Type to allow Capital Letters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Record button was not consistently showing.