Platform - Fall 2016

Don't miss the exciting View Notification, Messages, Credentials, and API enhancements in this release!
  • Fixed an issue where Platform record URLs with a trailing slash would load a blank/empty page.
  • Fixed an issue where JPG images would appear pixelated in the Contact Card.
  • Fixed an issue where if the page and sub page IDs match the Close button on an open record would not function properly.    
  • Enhanced the error message associated with resource deadlocks to make it clear that the action should be attempted again.
  • *New* Added new custom datatype (dp_Counter) for managing inventory counts.              
User Interface / Layout / Graphics
  • Fixed an issue where records containing rich text fields were visually impacted by CSS/styling contained within the content of those fields.
  • Fixed an issue where selected records would be visually displayed multiple times ("duplicated") when viewed in Image layout from the main data grid.
  • Enhanced the window size for Tools when launched to be 1000w by 700 h.
Authentication / User Account
  • *New* Client Credentials are now stored in the Platform and allow each client credential to be mapped to a different User (default API User) for managing API and end-user authentication.
Advanced Search / Views
  • Fixed an issue where long view names would cause the layout of the Advanced Search dialog to not align or scroll properly.
  • Fixed an issue where a search performed on a page would not clear/refresh if after searching the user navigated to the Home page and back.
  • Fixed an issue where a View Notification set to send to a Contact without an email on record would prevent all View Notifications from sending.        
  • *New* Added the ability to optionally send notifications to Contacts contained in the results of a view using View Notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where a long Message template subject would cover the snippet, contact, and data merge field drop-downs once selected.    
  • Fixed an issue where the selected record count was wrong when previewing the message to send in the New Message Tool.        
  • Fixed a typo in the error message when recipient email is not provided.    
  • Fixed an issue where pasting from Word into the New Message Tool could result in token errors upon previewing the Message to Send.
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool to automatically strip out an "<o" (Office) html tags that might lead to errors, blank messages or odd formatting.        
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool so pasting from MS Word into a rich text editor will now automatically clean the HTML.
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool by removing the cut, copy, & paste options from rich text controls to remove inconsistencies in these tools based on browser and browser version. Simply use the cut, copy & paste controls on your OS shortcut and/or browser menu.
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool From: drop down to sort available Contacts alphabetically.
  • Enhanced the Audit Log to include logging for Messages and Receipts records when created/sent by the New Message Tool.    
  • *New* Added a Pertains to Page field for Message Templates. This controls which page the Message Template will appear in the New Message Tool and View Notification drop downs.
Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • Fixed an issue where creating a recurring Event, if you choose an End Date that was the exact same as the Day of the final recurrence, the last Event in the series was not created.        
  • Fixed a typo in the save dialogue for Recurring Events.
  • Fixed an issue where date & time fields would be updated when editing other fields for a record due to timezone differences between the User and the server.        
  • Fixed an issue where an Engagement record could not be saved with an End Date despite it not being a required field.        
  • Fixed an issue where deleting Batches could result in a timeout error.
  • Enhanced the delete action to be more efficient in handling dependent records including nightly clean-up of any orphaned records.
  • Enhanced the Copy record and mass Assign functions to not block database access while they are running. This will correct many "timeout" and "deadlock" errors.        

Security Roles / Record Security
  • Fixed an issue where after session timeout logging back in assumes the impersonated User's identity (continues the impersonation).
  • Fixed an issue where the script used to update All Platform Users contained an error.              
  • Fixed an issue where the Secure button appeared on open records even though the User didn't have the ability to Secure record (clicking would result in an error).
  • Fixed an issue where copying a Security Role would generate an error due to Security Roles needing unique names. Now, copying a Security Role will append "Copy of" to the new Security Role name.
  • Enhanced the Attach Files security to be an explicit right that does not depend on a User having edit rights on the page.    
Attach Files
  • Fixed an issue where attached files could be accessed via direct URL regardless of the User's Security permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where Users with Edit rights to a page had access to the Attach Files button and could add attachments to the record without the explicitly secured action rights of "Attach" being given for the page.
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted sub page selection would continue to show a record count on the sub page and the selection would not be deleted although empty.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a view with Date fields to Excel would not format Date fields properly as a date. 
Audit Log
  • Enhanced the Audit Log to include the details if the change was made "on behalf of" another User (during impersonation).
  • Enhanced the Audit Log to show the Username when an edit is made by one User on behalf of another User.  This is true when an API client acts on behalf of a user or if an administrator impersonates a User.
Processes / Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where any Date-type field listed in the "Trigger Fields" list for a Process would cause the Process to fire for any edit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tools button appeared on various sub-pages. Tools are not currently supported on sub-pages.
  • Fixed an issue where a Process would always fire irrespective of the dependent condition if that condition contained two clauses separated by an OR.  
  •  Enhanced the Process Step record for Send an Email Process Steps to include a field for Reply To if different than the From Contact.
  • *New* Process records now include explicit fields to indicate if the Process should fire On Create and/or On Update.
  • Fixed an issue where the API URL would error without the trailing backslash.
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers retrieving images can now pass a flag to indicate they only want the smaller, thumbnail images.    
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can filter image results to only include the default image.        
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can get metadata (row from dp_Files) for a file.    
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can add recurring records.        
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can use $filter for the /tables REST Endpoint.
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can use $having clause to assist with aggregating queries.
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can select multiple tables with wildcards.
  • Enhanced the REST API so that developers can allow parameters in body of GET to overcome request length restrictions.
  • *New* Added IsForeignKey, ReferencedTable, and ReferencedColumn fields to /tables endpoint in REST API so that developers can generate their own data dictionary/reference.
  • *New* Added the option to access the default image file guide for any record in your query by using the regular _table notation and "dp_FileUniqueID" field.
  • *New* Many settings formerly stored in web.config files are now stored and accessed in the Platform. The Domains/Accounts page contains many new fields that will enable updating and supporting your Platform to be faster and easier.
  • *New* Added a new field on the Reports page: Pass Database Connection to instruct the Platform to pass database connection information to SSRS as two new parameters: DatabaseName and DatabaseServerName.
Customers not on SQL 2012 or higher will not be able to receive the next Platform release (Winter 2017). If needed, please make plans to upgrade as soon as possible. See this KB for minimum server requirements. Contact Support with any questions.