Platform - Winter 2016

User Interface / Layout / Graphics
  • Fixed an issue where age visibly displays Incorrectly (as 0 Months) near 12 Month > 1 Year transition.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tools and Reports sub pages of a Page record preventing someone from opening records on those sub pages.
Advanced Search / Views
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Search changed Not True filter into False filter.
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Search would not save a new view if Advanced Search was launched from an existing personal view.
Login Page
  • The login page (<>/ministryplatform) has been enhanced to provide the ability to add a custom logo/image.
  • The login page has been enhanced to use the church name as application title.
  • The login page has been enhanced to center the login details and specify Username (previously Login).
  • The login page has been enhanced to automatically set focus to/place cursor in the Username field or Password field (if Username has been remembered).
Home Page
  • Fixed an issue where accidental clicking on the checkbox header generated an "Invalid sorting expression: _checkbox_selector ASC" error.
  • The Home page has been enhanced to include a new My Notifications tab for Users to manage their view notifications.
View Notifications *New*
  • Created new View Notification functionality where Users can choose to be notified via email of the contents of any page or sub-page view. These notification emails are delivered based on a schedule of the User's choosing.
  • View Notification emails contain hyperlinks which allow users to navigate directly to a particular view on a page or sub-page or directly to a listed record.
System Setup Section
  • The Processes page has been enhanced to increase the dependent condition field such that more complex conditions can be specified.
  • The Tools/Actions page was enhanced to include the Launch with Credentials bit field to support CoreTools update to authenticate via OAuth. This field, when true, would include the Domain GUID or the User GUID when launching the tool.
  • The About dialog has been enhanced to provide Administrators the ability to manually refresh changes made to metadata (System Setup areas).
  • Fixed an issue where tasks created on the Form Responses page generated an "Unable to cast object of type 'System.DateTime" error.
  • Fixed an issue where field and panel labels were visibly missing on the User Task records.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring Events created on the Portal would not be automatically submitted to workflow when a Process is assigned to those record types.
  • The Tasks panel has been enhanced to allow Users to open tasks from an open record if they are the Author or if they are the Assignee.
  • The Edit Task dialogue has been enhanced to save any changes made to a task when the Complete button is clicked.
Security Roles
  • The Security Role records have been enhanced so that Security Role names must be unique for a given domain.
  • The OAuth authentication provider has been enhanced to allow for Users without security roles to authenticate. Such Users will receive a "prohibited" message.
  • API security has been enhanced so API users have read-only access to system tables which do not start with "dp_".
  • Stored procedure calls via the new REST API have been locked down using Security Roles
  • Implemented various new API paths for future development.
General / Miscellaneous
  • Fixed an issue where dependent records were not reassigned if the record chosen to reassign to did not have a unique title.
  • Fixed an issue where the assign dialogue would not accept a value until the drop down was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where the record count on a pick list would only display the first time the pick list was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where Date & Time fields were updated when editing other fields for a record and the User and server time zones were different.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a view/record/etc did not update the selected record count or the list of saved selections.
  • Fixed an issue where the Time Off record title included extraneous table details.
  • Fixed an issue where Response records created with a related Process active could trigger errors due to invalid parsing of selected record expressions.
  • Record creation was enhanced to honor default values set in SQL server field properties for nullable fields.
  • Selections have been enhanced to delete "empty" selections if all records from the initial selection have been deleted.
  • Selected record expressions have been enhanced to handle additional complex scenarios.
  • Email validation has been enhanced to accommodate .church domains.