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We're so excited to introduce the casual-user focused, mobile friendly next generation of MinistryPlatform. Get ready to dive into basic navigation, field management, record facts, view rules, and so much more. Be sure to check out our Tips & Tricks to learn how the next generation of the Platform is designed for YOU, not matter what role you play!

You've been using your church's legacy URL to access the MinistryPlatform. In fact, we're guessing you have it bookmarked. It looks something like this:

To access the next generation of the Platform, simply replace "ministryplatform" with "mp" at the end of your URL. That's it! Oh, and update that bookmark ;)!
Next Generation
  • *New* Basic Navigation empowers all users (but especially casual users!) to leverage the power of the Platform by putting your most used pages front and center.
  • *New* View Rules allow formatting (and conditional formatting!) of any View in the Grid Layout with text colors, background colors, icons, and percentage fills.
  • *New* Record Facts have been added to display handy, need-to-know facts available at-a-glance. The next generation comes pre-loaded with a collection of record facts to help get you started. But you can edit existing record facts and create new ones!
  • *New* List Layout puts images and Record Facts front and center for at-a-glance information gathering.
  • *New* Menu concepts!
    • User Menu now includes About, Bookmarks, Announcement, Log Out.
    • Action Menu is dynamic and now includes actions like New, Add, Assign, Message, Export, and more. Bonus? The Action Menu available on List  and Grid Layouts and open Records!
  • *New* Field Management enables you to do YOUR church YOUR way by allowing the user to hide a field, require a field, reorder field placement or provide a default value.
  • *New* Image Mapping allows you to associate images to multiple records without having to directly attach them to each record.
  • *New* Cloud File Storage allows you to store files in the cloud rather than locally.
  • *New* Sub-Pages have been simplified to improve functionality and are mobile friendly.
  • *New* Sub-Pages now including Mass Assign!
  • *New* Views and Selections are now automatically appended to the URL! Grabbing and sending a direct link has never been easier; just open your view or selection copy the URL.  Seriously, that's it.
  • *New* Longer Audit Log entries includes a Review that highlights changes.
  • *New* Process step allowing for the invocation of a webhook.
  • *New* The Batch Manager Tool can now be launched from the Tools menu, as allowed by the users Security Roles.
  • Enhanced Global Search to overlay the current Record to allow easy reference until the search is cleared.
  • Enhanced impersonation, now shows the impersonated User's image (or initials) enclosed with a red outline.
  • Enhanced the traditional Grid Layout to to leverage conditional formatting via View Rules.
  • Enhanced Page Sections with new field "Basic Navigation Page."
  • Enhanced file attachment to allow uploading multiple files at one time.
  • Enhanced View drop-down to signify Views belonging to a User by adding a star ahead of the View name.
  • Enhanced the Platform to include case insensitive search terms of 'Null' and 'Not Null' in regular and column search.
  • Enhanced the optimized for mobile Task Tool to include an audit log.
  • Enhanced New Task panel to include a badge showing the number of incomplete tasks.
  • Enhanced New Message Tool label to "Text" rather than "TXT."
  • Enhanced New Message Tool be mobile friendly by moving Templates, Snippets, and Contact Fields to an Insert menu.
  • Enhanced Files panel to include Attach, Edit, and Delete options, all controlled by Security Roles.
  • Enhanced delete options to allow deleting a single occurrence, future occurrences, or a series. 
  • Enhanced Files Panel to display confirmation dialog during delete.
  • Enhanced delete dialog to dynamically display dependent records. Say that five times fast!
  • Enhanced Advanced Search Tool to support drop and drag, adding "or" clauses, and hiding filter fields.
  • Enhanced column search to include radio buttons for quick filtering on Yes/No column values.
  • Enhanced Item Notifications to match standard email templates, including improved responsiveness where possible. Pro Tip: The first six columns of your view will be included, so reorder your views to serve you best!

Important! The following features are not yet available in the next generation of the Platform, but they can be accessed in the Legacy UI:

  • Calendar View
  • Export
  • Secure
  • Security Roles
Keep your eye out for these and other great additions to the next generation of the Platform coming this Fall!
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