Platform - November 2020

This! Release! Has!  Everything! Quickly create accounts using Social Logins. Updates to Processes, Notifications, and User Accounts to reference the new Templates table. And, of course, the highly anticipated addition of texting to the New Message Tool!
Important! The changes in this update are substantial, so we recommend clearing your browser's cache and enjoying them after a fresh login.
Video - Coaching Corner


API Wrapper
  • *New* Default Field List of an unfiltered Page can now be returned using $select=default (for example, /tables/Group_Participants?$select=default). 
Note: The parameter value ($select=default) should only be used in relation to Messages. Using the value outside of messages will break if/when field lists change.
Schema - Tables, Pages, Fields
  • Enhanced Templates to be available inside the  New Message Tool to Users without access to Templates Page. 
  • Enhanced schema that supports texting feature by removing certain optional fields.
  • Enhanced Report "Responsibilities Transfer (Select Both)" to transfer Templates as well as Messages.
  • Enhanced tool tip for "Email Template" field on Process Steps to clearly indicate this is now associated with Templates (rather than Messages).
  • Enhanced 'In Use By A Process Step' View to appear on Templates rather than Messages. 
  • Enhanced 'View Notification Templates' View to appear on Templates rather than Messages. 
  • Enhanced Item Notification dialog to source values for "Results Using Template" from Templates rather than Messages. No action on your part is needed; messages set in these fields have been created as Templates for you. The Template names are appended with "Used by Item Notification."
  • Enhanced Templates to indicate a Communication Type: Email or SMS Text.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by a particular column within a View was not persistent when navigating back to that Page and View. 
  • Fixed an issue where Search Term values configured for an ID Field which was not included in the Field List were modified when alternating between the 'Form Layout' and 'SQL Layout' tabs. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Global Filter drop-down would no longer display a scroll bar after initially being expanded/collapsed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Page Stat view on the Page's table caused an error when launching. 
  • Fixed an issue where removing Field Restrictions for Filtered Pages required updates to each Page individually. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain Font Awesome icons were not appearing when specified for a Page. 
You asked for it, you got it! We heard you wanted to ensure you honored opt-out requests. So we enhanced the New Message Tool to default to exclude Contacts who have opted out of email/text. If you'd like to include Contacts who have opted out, selected "Include Participants who have opted out of ...." in the New Message Tool options tab. Want to see another change?  Have more ideas? Share them on the Idea board!
Action Required: To leverage texting in the New Message Tool, you must configure one (or more!) Twilio numbers and adjust Text Quotas on the desired Security Roles.
New Message Tool
  • *New* The New Message Tool now  supports texting as well as  email
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool default to exclude Contacts who have opted out of email/text unless explicitly included via settings. To include Contacts who have opted out of email/texts, select "Include participants who have opted out of ...." 
  • Enhanced From/Reply To values to source from the Template if the current User is a Delegate of these Contacts. 
  • Enhanced Process Step pick-list "Email Template" to source from Templates rather than Messages. 
  • Enhanced Rich Text Editor in the New Message Tool to be more compatible with the recently introduced Template Editor Tool. 
  • Fixed an issue where Heads of Household received emails for other Heads of Household when 'Send to Parents' was enabled in the New Message Tool. 
  • Fixed an issue where the New Message Tool incorrectly sourced 'Reply To' from a Template and set this value as both the Message From/Reply To when the current User was a delegate.
  • Fixed an issue where link styling was dropped or altered depending on the email client. 
  • Fixed an issue where Item Notifications which delivered to "Results Using Template" did not populate the Template when updating via "Edit Notification" dialog. 
  • Fixed an issue where Item Notifications which delivered to "Results Using Template" presented an error when updating the Template via "Edit Notification" dialog. 
  • Fixed issues related to Messages rendered by Outlook Desktop Application to correct columns, button padding, indentation, and text alignment. 
  • Fixed an issue where messages sent from the New Message Tool that were created within the Template Editor Tool sometimes contained extra line spacing in various email clients. 
  • Fixed an issue where malformed elements appeared after editing a Template.
  • *New* Texting is now available via the New Message Tool! This is a game changer, so  read all about it, check out our recent  webinar, and start composing 160 character segments!
  • *New* Security Roles extended with field 'Mass Text Quota' to support new texting feature. The Mass Text Quota will default to 0 for all Security Roles at installation.
  • Enhanced the POST/communications endpoint to support texting as well as emails. 
Installation / Configuration
  • *New* Configuration Setting SSRS, ReportingServicesFolder added.

Note: The Configuration Settings SSRS, ReportingServicesFolder is integral to deployments and should not be changed.
Authentication / User Account
  • *New* Users can now create an account through their Facebook or Google accounts.  Learn more!
  • Enhanced 'Sign-Up' to display Facebook and Google Identity Providers. 
  • Enhanced OpenID Connect to return the expected issuer and expanded scope to return email and profile claims. 
  • Enhanced messaging after logout to better address various scenarios by simply stating the User will be redirected back to the application.
  • Fixed an issue where initiating the 'Create Account' flow from Need Connect did not return Users to Need Connect. 
  • Fixed an issue where Item Notifications were still sent after a User's rights had been removed. 
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled "Daily Jobs" were intermittently failing during index rebuild.
  • Fixed an issue where authenticated Users who attempted to configure a Social Login for the same Provider Account briefly appeared successful. Messaging now indicates when an account is linked to a different User.