Platform - Winter 2020

Don't miss exciting new features including Tasks badges, Chart trends, and a fresh UI for Login and My Profile detailed below!
Important! We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login with a fresh start!
Video: Coaching Corner

Authentication / User Account
  • *New* My Profile, also known as the User Account Dialog, has a fresh UI! Learn more about navigating the new and improved dialog here
  • *New* Login flow, including Sign Up and Reset Password, has a fresh UI! See Logging In and Login Screen Branding to learn more. Note: We recommend using a white or white outlined logo with a transparent background for best appearance.

  • Enhanced the message displayed when a User's provided Login credentials match multiple Records. 
  • Enhanced diagnostic logging for OAuth as well as other Platform functions.
  • Enhanced multi-lingual support to source values from Application Labels
  • Enhanced My Profile to hide fields "Time Zone" and "Locale" for any User without Security Roles. Users with at least (1) Security Role will see these fields. 
  • Enhanced the message presented to Users who login to the Platform without Security Roles to be translated in all supported Languages. 
Charts / Dashboards
  • *New* Chart Type's "Line" and "Column" now support multi-series layered data with optional Trend Lines
  • Enhanced Add Chart and Edit Chart dialogs to display the currently selected Chart Type prior to saving (and thereby closing) the dialog. 
  • Enhanced Edit Chart dialog to display View Title and related View Record Count. 
  • Enhanced Add Chart dialog save action to read simply "Save" thereby reducing confusion. Choosing "Save" is the final step in adding a Chart to a User's Dashboard. 
Home Page
  • *New* Badges showing outstanding Tasks and overdue Tasks are now displayed in the "My Tasks" tab allowing this pertinent information to be visible from any Home tab including "My Dashboard". 
  • Enhanced the Status shown under "My Messages" to source from each Recipient Record rather than the Message Record.
User Interface / Layout / Graphics 
  • Enhanced Application Label Records to support current and future features. 
  • Enhanced User Time Zone/Locale Mismatch dialog to better predict a User's settings by sourcing from both the Domain Record and browser. 
Schema - Tables, Pages, Fields
  • Enhanced User Login performance by adding new indexes. 
  • Enhanced MetaData to only source Tables from the dbo namespace. 
  • Enhanced the current Application Labels schema by removing related, unused Tables. 
  • Enhanced the relationship between Messages and Publications by improving the respective Sub-Pages and including a new "Publication Messages" Page. 
  • Fixed an issue where Age was not properly calculated in months for Contacts under 1 year.
Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • Fixed an issue where "occurrence" was misspelled in the "Select Occurrence" drop-down for Events belonging to a Series
  • Fixed an issue where the delete dialog presented a delay before actions (for example, choosing "Delete") were available. 
  • Fixed an issue where launching the New Message Tool from a Page with a defined Messaging Default Sub-Page did not populate the Data Fields drop-down with the Sub-Page's Default Field List. 
Advanced Search / Views / Notifications
  • Enhanced text boxes in SQL Layout tab of Advanced Search to recognize shortcut Ctrl+Home and return the cursor to the beginning of the text box. 
  • Enhanced column searching to retain cursor focus after a search is executed. 
Grid, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt Layout
  • Fixed an issue where Records could not be selected in Day or Week mode of Calendar Layout
  • Fixed an issue where, in some circumstances, the Calendar Layout skipped weeks when using Next/Previous navigation. 
Processes / Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where a Task's existing Start and End Dates did not appear populated in the Edit Task dialog. 
  • Fixed an error in the Task Panel when a User's Display Name was not populated. The Display Name is now sourced from the Contact Record. 
API / Webhooks
  • Enhanced the /Publications.svc endpoint to make all Publications available where previously only Publications with Available Online = True were returned.
  • Enhanced API to support an authenticated User's Global Filters. 
  • Fixed an issue where the API returned an error when the response included DataType "TimeZone". 
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate columns added to Domain field "Contact Merge Fields" returned errors when accessing related applications such as Batch Manager and Cloud Tools. 
  • Enhanced Webhooks such that one can be triggered by attaching or removing a File from a Record. 
Installation / Configuration
  • Fixed an error related to a rare scenario where a Task invoked as part of a Process has some - but not all - Process related fields populated. 
Attach Files / File Management
  • Enhanced Attach File workflow to warn Users that files above 20MB exceed the max file size.