Platform - Fall 2018

Don't miss the exciting enhancements in the New Message Tool including the ability to send to all Group Participants by simply selecting Groups! 
User Interface / Layout / Graphics
  • *New* Added ability to quickly select a span of records by choosing the first record, holding the shift key, then selecting the last record. The first/last record and all records in-between will be in the Selection.
  • *New* When a page loads, the cursor will now automatically be focused in the search box. When records are created/edited, the cursor will automatically be focused in the first form field. 
  • Enhanced the main menu to display uniform font sizing. Added indentation to sub-folders and removed arrow icons. These combined changes will improve responsive behavior.
  • Enhanced the Append option in the Mass Assign dialog to increase visibility. 
  • Fixed an issue where access to Identity Providers and API Clients was being provided through the bit field Setup Admin on the User record rather than the Administrator Role. Both pages have been moved to the appropriate folder, Administration. 
  • Fixed an issue where Identity Provider Types was mistakenly placed under System Setup. The page has been moved to the appropriate folder, System Lookups
  • Fixed an issue where task status indicators were not present in Calendar Layout
Authentication / User Account
  • *New* Added the option of a one-time login link for expedited account access when a password reset is requested. Action is required to implement; see important message below. 
  • Enhanced External Identities in the User Account dialog by giving it the new, friendly name Social Logins. 
  • Enhanced Social Logins to support Azure AD. 
  • Enhanced actions Create Account/Forgot Password with option to cancel and return to Login dialog.
  • Enhanced links in Create Account/Forgot Password emails to expire after 24 hours. 
  • Enhanced links in Create Account/Forgot Password emails to display an invalid message once expired. This message directs users to request a new link. 
  • Enhanced Create Account to auto-populate the user's email address as their suggested Username when they follow the link in the confirmation email. 
  • Enhanced confirmation steps of Create Account to prevent user from selecting a Username already in use. 
  • Enhanced Create Account and User Account dialog to include Mobile Phone as an optional, rather than required, field. 
  • Enhanced Forgot Password to collect Last Name to ensure a unique match. 
  • Enhanced confirmation steps of Create Account/Forgot Password, along with Change Password in the User Account dialog, to validate in real time when passwords are mismatched or do not meet minimum requirements
  • Enhanced nightly routines to delete expired security tokens.
  • Fixed an issue where the User Account dialog stated a Social Login configuration was successful after the attempt had ended in error (for example, invalid credentials used). 
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate accounts could be created via Create Account. Information is now validated against existing records prior to creation. If a match is found, the user is directed to reset their password instead.
  • Fixed an issue where accounts created via Create Account did not populate the Nickname field on the Contact record. 
  • Fixed an issue where successful completion of the Forgot Password form presented users with a blank page rather than a confirmation message. 
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox (4.9 & 6.1) where direct links led unauthenticated users to a blank screen with no option to Login
  • Fixed an issue where updates made to User records were intermittently causing deadlocks. 
*Important* To use the new one-time login link, a SPoC may add the token [Login_Link] to the Message specified under Recover Account Message Template on the Domain record. Note that this token must be added as a link under HTML source, as it will not validate in the Create Link dialog. This token should only be employed as part of Forgot Password and will not render correctly in any other Message. 
  • *New* The Select Message Recipients dialog in the New Message Tool now offers an intuitive way to send records through page/sub-page relationships. For example, a user can select a Group to send a Message to all Participants in that Group. Learn more! 
  • *New* For increased security, the fields Body and Subject on the All Recipients page no longer contain rendered content. See important message below regarding records impacted by this change. 
  • Enhanced the Page drop-down (formerly the Select From Page drop-down) to sort Pages alphabetically in the Select Message Recipients dialog. 
  • Enhanced the [Link] token to reduce the rendered size and increase compatibility with third party email providers, such as SendGrid
  • Fixed an issue where Message Templates containing attachments sent Messages without the attachment. 
  • Fixed an issue where some URL's were misidentified as invalid links and not accepted in the New Message Tool
  • Fixed an issue where users without rights to the Messages page were unable to send a Message. 
  • Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer (11) where inserting the Nickname Contact Field resulted in an error. 
  • Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer (11) where the New Message Tool was intermittently unresponsive and did not allow Messages to be previewed or saved. 
*Important* The changes to dp_Communication_Message.Body and dp_Communication_Message.Subject mean a rendered copy of the message is no longer stored in All Recipients. This can prevent staff from circumventing their access limits through resolved merge fields formerly stored in the Recipient Message. As part of this change, the rendered message is no longer available on any views under the My Messages tab of the Home page
Advanced Search / Views
  • *New* The Views drop-down is now prepended by an In / Not In button. Toggling this setting will reverse the result set. When reversed, each filter clause is reversed to create the "Not In" View. For example, if a View displays everyone with an email address who is over 18, the reverse will show everyone who does not have an email address and is under 18. 
  • *New* The tokens dp_UserId and dp_ParentID are now available for use in the Field List and View Clause of Views
Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • *New* The ability to create a record via "New" can now be suppressed using the Suppress New Button bit field located on the Page record. A sample use case would be granting Edit rights to Contacts while restricting the creation of new Contact records to the Add/Edit Family Tool.  
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all in a pick-list may select all records on a filtered page rather than all records in the current view.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rooms drop-down on the Rooms & Groups sub-page of Events did not display the Pick List View defined on the Page record
  • Fixed an issue where records edited via CloudTools were not automatically refreshed to display changes upon closure of the tool. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Age displayed on a Contact record updated one day earlier than the Date of Birth. 
  • Fixed an issue where cancelled changes made to a text editor field reappeared next time the record was edited. 
Security Roles / Record Security
  • Enhanced performance speed when a user is granted a high number of Security Roles all at once. 
Processes / Tasks
  • Enhanced the New Task Tool to display Start Date and Due Date as consecutive fields in the dialog. 
  • Enhanced performance speed during Login when systems contain a high volume of User Tasks
  • Fixed an error stating that the completion of Tasks was unsuccessful when it was, in fact, successful. 
  • Enhanced API calls to check for Record Security. This Enhancement causes some columns which did not previously need to be fully qualified, to now be fully qualified. 
  • Fixed an issue where the OAuth /connect/userinfo endpoint was intermittently causing deadlocks. 
  • Enhanced the Reporting Server Timeout field on the Domain record to a minimum value of 600. If customer value was greater than 600 no changes were made.