Platform - Spring 2018

Don't miss the exciting new User Interface (UI) for the Platform that comes as part of this release! For a sneak peak, watch the preview video below!
*Important* If you have previously bookmarked your Platform URL including the "/login/logon/" (e.g. in your browser of choice, you will need to update your bookmark to simply be your Platform URL (e.g. without any text after "...platform/".
User Interface / Layout / Graphics
  • *New* Fresh, new User Interface (UI) for the entire Platform! Check out the preview video below!
  • Enhanced form fields to responsively resize to fill the available space.
  • Enhanced Pages to support page icons to be customizable using an icon library. See this KB for setup details.
Authentication / User Account
  • *New* Added ability to request password resets from the Platform login screen.
  • *New* Added ability to create account from the Platform login screen. Users created here will have no Security Roles.
  • *New* Added new Login dialogue with enhanced security and external identities (social) login functionality.
  • *New* Added new User Account dialogue for User, password, and external identities management.
  • *New* Added multi-lingual support for Login, Create Account, Reset User and User Account dialogues. 
  • Enhanced the Authentication Log to include a Referrer field to indicate the MP application visited to Login. 
  • Enhanced the return URL on new OAuth login to direct back to originating client.
  • Enhanced the Create Account and Forgot Password emails to be configured by Message templates set on the Domains page.
  • Enhanced the account lockout functionality including configurability of Max Login Attempts on the Domains page.
  • Enhanced the User Account dialogue (Platform > User > Edit User Account) to audit log all changes on the User record.
*Important* If you have previously used the external identities (social) login functionality, you will need to update your Identity Provider records. See this KB for details.
  • Fixed an issue where Messages sent from View Notifications might not be rendered due to the 'from' email address pulling from an app.config file instead of the Contact record.
  • Enhanced View Notifications to send scheduled Messages using the From and Reply To Contacts set on the Message template.
  • Enhanced the Message Body field to support full HTML content including headers, styles, etc. like HTML created and copied from other HTML editors (e.g. MailChimp).
  • Enhanced the New Message Tool to include new attachment options.
  • Enhanced the Action Status on the Message Recipient record to include additional statuses and be updated for Delivered, Clicked, Opened, etc. automatically for churches using SendGrid.
*Important* As a result of these changes, Users must have at least Read level rights to the Messages page in order to use the New Message Tool. We will be providing an alternative in a future update.
Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • Fixed an issue where editing a sub-page record might trigger looping console errors.
  • Fixed an issue where a counter field value was not updated if the number added was the same as the current value.
Attach Files
Processes / Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where Approve/Reject Comments were not appended in the related task.
  • Enhanced the Process workflow to prompt a User to submit the record upon saving if submission is needed to trigger a Process.
  • Enhanced the Process workflow to submit data changes and create records even if the Process encounters an error to reduce errors caused by improperly configured Processes.
  • Enhanced the New Task Tool to include new attachment options.

  • Fixed an issue where accessing API tables and procs might generate a 500 error.
  • Fixed an issue where the refresh token would time out the same time as the token itself.
  • Fixed an issue where multipart posts could not be sent with the Communications / Messages endpoints.
  • Enhanced the REST API to include method to return list of dates in a recurring series.
  • Enhanced the REST API to honor record security.
  • Enhanced the REST API to include a new endpoint: /refreshMetadata for the ability to refresh metadata.
  • Enhanced the REST API data access layer to prefer unfiltered pages over filtered ones for the purposes of creating / updating data.

If you have done any custom development for your MP, you were previously notified about breaking changes (and how to address them) that are part of the OAuth Stack & API changes included in this update. If you need a refresher, the webinar and related resources are available here.
Security, Authorization, Record Security
  • Fixed an issue where updating the reporting service timeout value would not take immediate effect.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking About > Refresh button would not invalidate the user's cache thus seeing changes required logging out and back in.
  • Enhanced Platform security to set Content-Type headers on all requests.
*Important* We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login and start fresh!

New Platform UI Overview Video

0:18 - Login screen
1:16 - New look
1:56 - User account dialogue
2:25 - New Message Tool