Platform - December 2019

For more information related to Time Zone changes see the Understanding Time Zones & Locale KB article, Fall 2019 Platform Release Notes, or Webinar.
Important! We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login with a fresh start!

Installation / Configuration

  • Fixed an issue where Domain related information was executing too often causing performance issues.
  • Added a missing application folder to the IIS server to support the new login option using Windows Authentication.

New Message Tool

  • Fixed an issue where unresolved tokens caused an error when pasting content in the New Message Tool when copied from Microsoft Word.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Time Zones in the New Message Tool did not match the list of Time Zones in the User Account Dialog.  


  • Enhanced the File Viewer to support encrypted PDF files.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue in which the Platform displayed an error for some invalid dates due to Daylight Savings.
  • Fixed an issue where the offset shown in the Time Zone drop down now takes into account Daylight Savings Time

UTC, Time Zone, and Locale

  • Enhanced the dp_Get_TimeZones() function to return Culture and Abbreviation columns in addition to ID and Name.
  • Enhanced the dp_Format_DateTime function to return Abbreviation columns.
  • Enhanced all Time Zone drop downs to include the standardized generic time zone names (e.g. Eastern Time instead of Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time).
  • Enhanced all time stamps to include the standardized generic time zone abbreviation (e.g. ET instead of EST or EDT).

System Setup

These items are typically part of a Reports, Routines, & Notifications release, but are included with this Platform release for expediency.

  • Fixed an error on the All Form Answers page that was referencing the wrong Global Filter.
  • Fixed an error with the Selected Call List Enhanced report found on multiple pages.
  • Fixed an error on the "Record Review and Useful Links" report on the Events page.
  • Fixed the default Process called "Group Finder Sign-up" so it will look at the Configuration Setting (PORTAL > PendingGroupRoleID) and fire when a new prospect uses the Group Finder to sign up for a Group.