Platform - July 2020

In this release, we will be restoring the Default Field List field to the Sub-Pages record and populating it with values from our (previous) standard fields from prior to the Platform Spring 2020 release. In other words, your wonky sub-page fields will be no more!
Important! We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login with a fresh start!
Schema - Tables, Pages, Fields
  • *New* Field "Default Field List" has been returned to Sub-Pages allowing Sub-Pages to once again manage their Default Field List independently from their Target Page. Default Field Lists have been populated with our previous standard values.
  • Enhanced a handful of Default Field Lists to source Display Name from Contacts rather than Users.
  • Enhanced Sub-Pages for greater clarity by renaming fields "Page" and "Filter Key" to "Parent Page" and "Target Filter Key" respectively.
  • Enhanced Sub-Pages to honor the configuration of "Display Copy". When false, this Sub-Page will not appear in the Copy Dialog. 
  • Enhanced tool tip for Sub-Page field "Select From Field Name" to provide additional clarity.  
  • Fixed an issue where the option to add multiple Sub-Page records via 'Add' was missing from Quick Add

Important! As a result of the above detailed field name changes, your column order and sort in the data grid on all Pages will be reset to our standard. Simply drag columns to reorder or click column headers to sort the grid as desired. Other cached items (e.g. Recent Records, Time Zone, etc.) will not be impacted unless you clear your cache as recommended above ;)
New Message Tool
  • Enhanced draft retrieval to clearly indicate via an icon that Recipient List must be selected prior to sending. 
  • Enhanced the Templates drop-down to dynamically update based on the Sub-Page indicated in the Recipient List. Any Template with a "Pertains to Page" value equal to the Sub-Page's Target Page is eligible to appear. 
  • Enhanced 'Send' to display helper text when the cursor hovers stating that the count displayed is "Total count before duplicate removal". 
  • Enhanced feature "Send to Me" to allow Users without access to Messages to utilize "Send to Me". 
  • Fixed an issue where Contact Merge Fields listed on new lines, each beginning with a comma, added extra spaces to tokens when inserted in the New Message Tool. 
  • Fixed an issue where Recipients added via Recipient Search, which were subsequently removed prior to sending the Message, still received the Message. 
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled Messages always sent on the quarter-hour - rather than the precise time selected - causing certain Messages scheduled in the near future to send immediately. 
  • *New* Introduced schema for upcoming SMS Messaging feature. Pages 'Callback Messages', 'Outbound SMS Numbers', and 'Communication Types' deployed to Administrators role. Do not add/update records in newly created Pages or include these Pages in other Security Roles at this time. 
Installation / Configuration
  • Enhanced Congregation records with tool tips for recently added fields "Plan a Visit Template" and "Plan a Visit User" related to the Plan a Visit Widget. 

Authentication / User Account
  • Fixed an issue where setting-up Google OAuth returned an error. Please note: Google+ Sign-In has been deprecated, going forward please migrate to the more comprehensive Google Sign-In. 
Note: We no longer support external authentication with Twitter or Linked In. If these were configured in the past, they might still work. However, adding or updating configuration for these may no longer work. We continue to support our core Identity Providers as well as Standard OAuth and Open-ID Connect.
Important! If you did extensive customization to your sub-page field lists and you want us to restore values from your system specifically and a backup is secured, please let us know here, no later than Monday, 7/20. We will schedule these requests to be completed within a few days of this general release.