New Message Tool


The New Message Tool is used to send Messages (aka emails) from MinistryPlatform. Message and Recipient records are created and recorded in the Audit Log.

Launching the New Message Tool

The New Message Tool can be launched from the Home Page or any page in the Platform it's been enabled on.

From Home
  1. Home Page > My Messages tab
  2. "+"

From Another Page
  1. Any Page > Actions Menu
  2. Tap Message

After you've launched the New Message Tool, you'll select whether to send an email or text message (TXT) and start communicating with your people!

Note seeing the New Message Tool? The tool will appear on any page with the Contact ID field for any User with a Mass Email Quota of at least one. If a User isn't seeing the tool, check their Security Roles first to make sure they have permission to use the tool first. If they do, confirm the Contact ID field is available on that page.