Go Method


Go Method provides robust tools for managing missions trips from start to finish syncing seamlessly to MinistryPlatform!

Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with Go Method must be established with Full Method (formerly Focus Ministry) before the integration can be configured.

Integration Setup: In the Platform
  1. Go to Administration > API Clients
  2. Click NEW
  3. Enter GoMethod for Display Name and Client ID
  4. Enter a Client Secret. This is the 'password' used by Go Method to access your MinistryPlatform database. We highly recommend using a password generator to have your Client Secret be very unique and secure.
  5. Select a Client User. Choose: API, API | Login: apiuser
    • Note that whatever Client Secret you choose/create, they must have a Security Role with Administrator rights.
  6. Authentication Flow: Authorization Code, Implicit, Hybrid, Client Credentials, or Resource Owner
  7. All other settings can remain the same
  8. Click SAVE

NEW! Update People

By default, the Go Method integration automatically updates contact information in MinistryPlatform. There is now the option to decide whether or not you want these changes to occur, or if you prefer to update data manually. To stop the automatic updates, uncheck the box that says "All Go Method to update person information in MinistryPlatform" by going to Admin > Settings > Software Integrations.


Import Trip From MinistryPlatform Tool

It is possible to import a mission trip from MinistryPlatform into Go Method. When doing this, all pledge campaign/event data will be moved from MinistryPlatform to Go Method along with any pledges and donations associated with those pledges. Learn more here!

Field Mappings


There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integration.

Fees from Go Method will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

Also Integrates With

  • Authorize.Net
  • Process4Change
  • Protect My Ministry
  • Pushpay
  • V2 (Go Method is included with your V2 Subscription)


Support is provided by Full Method. Their support team can be reached by email: support@52projectsllc.com.

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