Active Screening Faith

The Background Check integration requires setup by Think Ministry Support. See steps below to ensure the appropriate details are provided to Support.

Managing Background Checks

To manage Background Checks, see: Background Checks


There is no cost to set up this integration.

There is no cost from Think Ministry to use the Background Check Request Tool; it is included as part of your MinistryPlatform package.

Fees from Active Screening Faith (formerly Secure Search) will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

Integration Setup

Step 1: Integration Sign-Up
  1. Fill out the Sign Up Form
  2. Choose the packages you want to be configured. The complete list is below. No other packages are supported by the integration. Options detailed on the Active Screening Faith.
Step 2:  Platform Preparation

Once completed, you will receive an API username and password. Save these in the platform.

We have you create this record so that the username and password are kept secure. It will be deleted by Think Ministry when your integration is set up.

  1. Navigate to Administration > API Clients page.
  2. Click on "Create New" and add a record for Background check.
  3. Enter "Active Screening Faith" for the name.
  4. Enter the username for the Client ID.
  5. Enter the password for the Client Secret.
Step 3: Integration Setup
  1. Send a ticket to Support (or respond if one is already open) with:
    • A link to the API Client record
    • A list of packages from the list below (We will only setup packages that are listed below. Please use exact package names).
  2. Pause. You will not be able to continue to Step 4 until we setup your integration. This is done by Think Ministry and you will be notified when it is completed.
Step 4: Review and Testing

Review the Initial Setup sections of for these components of the integration and customize as needed:

Step 5: Test Submission

Create a test submission to ensure the integration is working as currently configured:

  1. Select a Contact (for testing purposes, it is best to use a real person, such as yourself)
  2. Launch the Background Check tool
  3. Create a Background Check
  4. Use the Fill Out Form button to view the form
  5. Complete and submit the form
  6. You should receive an acknowledgement on the form page that you have submitted it successfully

Supported Packages

This is the complete list of supported packages. No other packages are supported by this integration.

  • Confidence Country
  • Confidence Statewide
  • Protection Package

Existing Integrations 

If you have an existing integration and want to add or change packages reach out to Active Screening Faith (formerly Secure Search) and then to Support to add the packages.

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