MortarStone can help you leverage your MP Donor data to create discipleship driven analytics.

Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with MortarStone must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured.

Integration Setup: In MP

  1. Go to Administration > API Clients
  2. Click NEW
  3. Enter MortarStone for Display Name and Client ID
  4. Enter a Client Secret. This is the 'password' used by MortarStone to access your MinistryPlatform database. We highly recommend using a password generator to have your Client Secret be very unique and secure.
  5. Select a Client User. Choose: API, API | Login: apiuser
  6. Authentication Flow: Authorization Code, Implicit, Hybrid, Client Credentials, or Resource Owner
  7. All other settings can remain the same
  8. Click SAVE


There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integration.

Fees from MortarStone will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

MortarStone Basic Analytics *Free*

MortarStone Basic Analytics integrates with MinistryPlatform to provide you with advanced giving analytics that help you increase giving and grow attendance.

  • Easily identify, track and retain new givers: Help new givers become recurring givers, disciple lapsed givers, and better engage top givers with reporting features that encourage generosity. 
  • Identify giving patterns and increase recurring gifts: Identify giving behaviors with comprehensive reporting features that help you track patterns and make informed decisions.
  • Track campaigns and pledges at a deeper level: Analyze giving based on demographic indicators, fund types and campus locations.
  • Quickly access funding reports for your ministry teams: No more complicated excel worksheets, with MortarStone you can quickly and easily assess your giving reports and distribute them to ministry leaders. 
  • Develop generosity initiatives that fully fund budgets: Build strategies that keep givers and grow your attendance with real-time acquisition reporting.
  • Increase engagement and grow church attendance: MortarStone churches see a 10% increase in giving in just one year!
MortarStone Advanced Analytics

MortarStone Advanced Analytics has all the Basic package features detailed above plus the ability to view the actual Households tied to each report. Click here for more information or to sign up today.


Professional Services Enhancement

Professional Services has created an additional report for this integration and is available for purchase*.

  • Report on the Donors page that creates three CSV files that can be uploaded into MortarStone for People, Pledges, and Gifts.

*Professional Services integration projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates.


Support is provided by MortarStone at

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