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Smart Church Solutions

Smart Church Solutions offers web-based software that reduces workload on your team so you can focus on your mission. With two core offerings and valuable add-ons, eSPACE helps you stay organized, plan ahead with confidence, and remove stress from your team. MinistryPlatform integrates with 2 of their products; Facility System Integration - HVAC and Event Management.


1. Facility System Integration - HVAC

Deploying a smart HVAC solution can help you better control your heating and cooling solutions, saving you time and money. Integrating MP with the eSPACE Event Scheduler via a Building Automation Integration and/or WIFI Thermostats is a great way to utilize your systems only when events take place.


The way it works

The integration pipes a few days' worth of approved events from MP into the eSPACE Event Scheduler at a time. The Event Scheduler then refreshes every 15 minutes to let eSPACE determine when to tell the HVAC to turn on and off.

Once an event is in approved status, your HVAC will automatically engage and disengage using the Set-up/Tear-down times. However, if they are not included on the event details page, it will look at the Event Start/End times. 

The only exception is if you have Override times entered on the event details page. They will be looked at first.

For example, if you have an approved event with a Setup time at 6:30 AM but the actual event Start time is not until 3 PM, you may not want the HVAC engaging at 6:30 AM. You can choose an override time that would start the HVAC at Noon to start cooling the space prior to the event start time.

You also have the option here to turn off the HVAC for the event. Simply check the box that says "Turn off HVAC for this event".

Which HVAC Control Systems integrate?

COOLSPACE can interface with virtually any BACnet Building Automation System as well as communicating with specific network-compatible WiFi Thermostats.


2. Event Management Integration - Coming Soon!

eSPACE's Church Event Management software can help you more efficiently manage - and steward - your facilities all while leveraging and updating your MP data! This integration is a one-way sync from eSPACE to MP including Event Title, Event Type, Congregation, Program, Primary Contact, Minutes for Setup/Teardown, Event Start Date/End Date, and Visibility Level.

    Integration Cost 

    There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integrations. Fees from eSPACE will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

    MP Changes

    Once configured, you will see Lookup Values > External Identities in your MP database (mapping table).

    Best Practice Recommendations

    Outside of Check-In and registration Products, lock down Events in MP to read-only. All Event changes should flow from eSPACE.


    Support is provided by eSPACE.

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