When donations are made through Pushpay to your organization, Pushpay will automatically send the corresponding transaction data into MP.

Pushpay works in real time behind the scenes to make the integration experience seamless. Once enabled, Pushpay handles every donation and automatically creates the necessary donation records within your account. Note: All transactions will be passed through as "Donations."

Pushpay MinistryPlatform field map


There is no cost to set up this integration from Think Ministry.

Fees from Pushpay will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

Integration Setup

Step 1: MP Support Request

Email Support to notify them that you are wanting to set up the integration for Pushpay and that you need the following details:

  1. MP Instance URL
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret
Step 2: Setup Integration in Pushpay
  1. Log into your Pushpay account at pushpay.com/adminlogin
  2. ​Click Settings. 
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Click Connect integration beneath the Think Ministry header. 
  5. Enter your ThinkMinistry Instance URL, ClientId, and Client secret. 
  6. Click Connect. 
  7. Select your Fallback fund for each active listing. Note: If you have one or more listings used for processing non tax-deductible payments, we recommend deactivating that listing for this integration (shown below), as all transactions will be passed through as "Donations."
  8. Click Setup.
  9. Select matching funds for your existing Pushpay funds. 
  10. Click Import. 
  11. Click Enable integration.

Donor Matching

When a transaction is successful, the details are sent to MP to match donors using name, email, and phone number. If no match is found, Pushpay will check for a previous transaction sent by that Pushpayer. If that transaction has been assigned to a donor in MP, it'll match this new transaction to that donor record too. If no match is found by looking at a prior transaction, the donation will be matched to "***Default, Contact." The donors can then be assigned/created by going to Tools > Assign Donor.


Support is provided by Pushpay.  Their support team can be reached by email: care@pushpay.com.

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