When donations are made through Pushpay to your organization, Pushpay will automatically send the corresponding transaction data into MP.

Pushpay works in real-time, behind the scenes to make the integration experience seamless. Once enabled, Pushpay handles every donation and automatically creates the necessary donation records within your account. Note: All transactions will be passed through as "Donations."

Pushpay MinistryPlatform field map


There is no cost to set up this integration from Think Ministry.

Fees from Pushpay will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

Integration Setup

Step 1: In MP
  1. Go to Administration > API Clients
  2. Click NEW
  3. Enter Pushpay for Display Name and Client ID
  4. Enter a Client Secret. This is the 'password' used by Pushpay to access your MinistryPlatform database. We highly recommend using a password generator to have your Client Secret be very unique and secure.
  5. Select a Client User. Choose: API, API | Login: apiuser
    • Note that whatever Client User you choose/create, they must have a Security Role with Administrator rights.
  6. Authentication Flow: Authorization Code, Implicit, Hybrid, Client Credentials, or Resource Owner
  7. All other settings can remain the same
  8. Click SAVE
Step 2: Setup Integration in Pushpay

Follow Pushpay's instructions that are posted on their KB.

Donor Matching

When a transaction is successful, the details are sent to MP to match donors using name, email, and phone number. If no match is found, Pushpay will check for a previous transaction sent by that Pushpayer. If that transaction has been assigned to a donor in MP, it'll match this new transaction to that donor record too. If no match is found by looking at a prior transaction, the donation will be matched to "***Default, Contact." The donors can then be assigned/created by going to Tools > Assign Donor.


Support is provided by Pushpay at care@pushpay.com.

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