Events2HVAC pulls room schedules from MinistryPlatform and sends commands to building automation systems or thermostats to automatically control heating and cooling (HVAC) based on individual room schedules. It eliminates the need to manually schedule HVAC, saving 2-3 hours/week of staff time for most churches while maximizing energy savings. Sounds like a win-win!

Several door access systems are also compatible with Events2HVAC, allowing you to use the same solution to automatically unlock and lock doors for events at your church. You can also create zones of control so that an exterior door, hallway, bathroom, interior door, and meeting room will all be accessible and comfortable anytime the meeting room is booked.

Pre-start times for each room or zone ensure that spaces are comfortable when events begin. Post-stop times permit running HVAC a bit longer after an event is over – or returning HVAC to unoccupied settings a few minutes before the end of an event for more energy savings.

Data Map

MP data doesn’t map 1-to-1 to fields in the Events2HVAC software – it is all used together to inform the schedules. For example, the rooms, event time, setup/teardown, and expected attendance might all be used together to determine turning on HVAC one hour before church services start – or maybe 1:30 before if more people are expected to be there.

MP to Events2HVAC field map


The Events2HVAC license cost is based on the number or rooms or HVAC zones controlled, making it affordable for small and large churches. To get a quote for your church, contact


Support for Events2HVAC is provided by Streamside Solutions, located in Estes Park, Colorado, USA. Remote support in the form of email, telephone, or remote screen sharing is included in the annual subscription. On-site support can be negotiated if desired but is usually unnecessary.

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