Growth Method


Growth Method (formerly Focus Growth), uses Ministry Intelligence to help you effectively engage and assimilate visitors, members, ministry, and spiritual discipleship!

Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with Growth Method through Full Method (formerly Focus Ministry) must be established before the integration can be configured.

Integration Setup

Step 1: In MP

  1. Go to Administration > API Clients
  2. Click NEW
  3. Enter Growth for Display Name and Client ID
  4. Enter a Client Secret. This is the 'password' used by Growth Method to access your MinistryPlatform database.
  5. Select a Client User. Choose: API, API | Login: apiuser
    • Note that whatever Client User you choose/create, they must have a Security Role with Administrator rights.
  6. Authentication Flow: Authorization Code, Implicit, Hybrid, Client Credentials, or Resource Owner
  7. All other settings can remain the same
  8. Click SAVE


There is no charge from Think Ministry, Inc. for configuring the integration.

Fees from Full Method will be assessed per each church's individual contract agreement.

Integration with MP

Growth Method can create and/or update Contact, Participant, and Household records.

Growth Method maps to the following MP fields:

  • Events
  • Form Responses
  • Groups
  • Group Inquiries
  • Group Participants
  • Group Roles
  • Milestones
  • Opportunities
  • Participant Types  


Support is provided by Full Method. Their support team can be reached by email:

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