Next Generation



We couldn't be more excited to introduce you to .... MinistryPlatform, The Next Generation. The next generation of the platform is perfectly tailored for the casual user and is mobile-friendly! Check out Why Next Generation to read all the reasons we created the next generation to help you do YOUR church YOUR way.

The thought of change causing a little anxiety? Never fear! For several months after the initial release, you'll be able to use both the next generation of the Platform and the legacy Platform. The versions are accessible through separate URLs. Read Transitioning to the Next Generation of the Platform for an easy-peasy transition plan.

Legacy Platform

You've been using your church's legacy URL to access the MinistryPlatform. In fact, we're guessing you have it bookmarked. It looks something like this:

Next Generation of the Platform

To access the next generation of the Platform, simply replace "ministryplatform" with "mp" at the end of your URL. That's it! Oh, and update that bookmark ;)!
Note: Two versions of the Platform are twice as nice! But you can only access one version at a time. Want to switch from the legacy Platform to the next generation of the Platform? Close all the tabs using the legacy Platform in your browser session before launching the next generation.

Navigation Highlights

  • All new list layout!
    • Rows include images (or a placeholder), Selected Record Expression, and Record Facts encapsulated in pills.
    • Images may be attached to the Record or mapped to it.  

  • Menu Panel
    • Basic Navigation: The all-new, mobile and casual-user friendly menu.
    • Expanded Navigation: The legacy Platform navigation you know and love.
    • Recent Records: The records you were working on are in one handy place.
  • The current View or Selection now always appears in the URL, so sending direct links has never been easier!   

Record Highlights

  • Subpages? We don't need no stinkin' subpages! Subpages are now represented by tabs.
    • The Primary Record is displayed in the first tab.
    • Supporting Records are displayed in additional tabs.
    • On mobile, additional tabs can be found by clicking the kebab icon (vertical three-dots).  
  • Details are immediately visible in the top panel, including an image (may be attached or mapped!), Record Facts, and Record Title (Selected Record Expression). 
  • Fields are displayed in two columns on desktop.  

And So Much More ....

  • View Rules: Formatting can be applied to any View in the Grid Layout.
  • Record Facts: Handy, need-to-know facts available at-a-glance.
  • Field Management: YOU get to decide which fields should be mandatory and field order. How's that for customization?
  • Image Mapping: Customize the images associated with records to serve YOUR church.
  • Cloud File Storage: Add your files to your Azure account.

Note: The next generation of the Platform was designed to work (and look!) fantastic on your mobile device. But it is not supported on devices whose iOS is no longer supported by the manufacturer (for example, iPhone 5 is no longer supported by Apple). We'll let you decide whether this is your sign that it's time for an upgrade ;)

Need help? Hey, we get it! Change (even good change) can be hard! Don't hesitate to send any issues or questions to Support at any point during your transition. To reduce the stress level of making the transition, ask Support about how to engage a Coach. Note that we are officially ending support for the Legacy Platform in September 2022. Legacy will be available through February 2023.