The steps below help you to secure a Group and the Group Participants within the Group using Record Restrictions. Security is record-specific, so you need to secure each Group Participant record you add to one of these Groups.

As a preliminary step, a SPoC can create a User Group that is authorized to see these Groups and to know who is in them.

To secure a Group record:
  1. Open the Group record.
  2. Click Secure.
  3. Select the user group created in the preliminary step in the Allow: Nobody Except box.
  4. Click OK.
Next, to secure the Group Participants of the Group:
  1. Go to People Lists > Group Participants.
  2. Search for the Group.
  3. Select everyone in the Group.
  4. Change your Selection to Current/Unsaved Selection.
  5. Review the selection to confirm it is correct.
  6. Click Secure.
  7. Select the appropriate user group in the Allow: Nobody Except box.
  8. Click OK.
The above will have ensured people cannot find these group members from the Group Participants page or subpages showing group members unless the user is in the specified User Group. Moving forward, keep the following in mind:
  • If someone adds this Group to an event for check-in, it works like any other Groups in Check-In.
  • If someone sets this group as Available Online=Yes, it shows on the My Groups page for group members and leaders.
  • If this Group's Group Type record is set to Show On Group Finder=Yes, then it shows there unless you set it to Is Full=Yes.
  • Third party applications are unlikely to bother checking user/user group security