Events and Programs

Important!  Check-In Suite does not use the Event Groups or Program Groups concept. It is not necessary to associate Groups with Events via the Groups or Events sub-pages. Use the Rooms & Groups or Rooms & Events sub-pages. The nightly Data Quality Routine will create Event_Groups for any Groups found in Event_Rooms table that are associated with future Events to makes reports and tools leveraging Event_Groups available.
Groups & Events
  • Any Group record can be related directly to any Event record. When a Group is related directly to an Event, the following occurs:
    • The Group can check into the Event using the Check-In system, as long as the Event Group's Closed field is set to No.
    • The Group sees the Event on the Event Calendar found on the My Groups area of the Portal.
    • The Group leader can take attendance through My Groups or MobileTools.
    • Staff can post attendance for the Group after the Event using the Roll Scan Tool or Group Attendance Tool.
    • Individuals can be added to a group from the Check-in system in Attended Mode.
  • Any single or recurring Event record created by a Group leader from the My Groups section of the Public Portal is directly related to their Group.
  • When copying an Event, the user can elect to copy the associated Group records. If the copy includes a recurring series, each of the Events in that series is associated with the Group.
  • The association between Events and Groups can be removed as indicated here.
  • Reference Event Groups and Rooms & Groups for more information about how Events relate to Groups.
Groups & Programs
  • Any Group can be related directly to any Program:
    • This relationship implies that the Group is going to engage in some or all of the events hosted by the specified Program.
    • A Group leader can track attendance in MobileTools so long as Ignore Program Groups=No.
    • By creating a list of Program Groups, the user can avoid managing a separate list of Event Groups for each Event. 
    • Attendance can be entered in MobileTools Group Manager.
  • It is acceptable for a Group to exist that is not associated with any Programs:
    • Its usefulness might be for tracking ministry involvement and communicating with members of this Group.
    • In the rare event that the Check-In system is used for this Group, it can be added directly to an Event. 
  • This association can be seen on the Groups sub-page of a Program and on the Programs sub-page of a Group. If an Event is associated with a Program with Program Groups, these Groups do not show on the Groups sub-page of the Event record.