Inside an open Group record, there are several sub-pages:
  • Participants: The individuals who are or have been part of this Group.
  • Sub Groups: The groups that have this group listed as their Parent Group.
  • Opportunities: The published ways in which someone might become involved in this Group. Opportunities may appear on the Opportunity Finder pages of the Portal.
  • Programs: The ongoing activities with which this Group is associated. When a Program listed here has an Event, this Group is allowed to check into the Event.
  • Events: The Events with which this Group is directly connected. These may be Events into which this Group can check-in, Events where attendance for these Group members is tracked, or Events created for this Group using the Portal's My Group page.
  • Attributes: These are facts about this Group that may assist someone in connecting with the group through the "group_survey.aspx" page, which matches people to Groups based upon Attributes.
  • Inquiries: The list of inquiries made about this Group through the Group Finder page on the Portal.
  • Assessments: This sub-page has been deprecated and is not known to be used by any church.