Posting Group Attendance

Reminder: In order for a group to appear in My Groups on the Portal or Groups Manager in MobileTools, the Available Online field on the Group must be set to "True." See Creating Groups for more information.


  1. On the Portal, log in to My Groups.
  2. Choose desired Event from the Group Calendar.
  3. Select the individuals in attendance.
  4. Select an action (typically "Checked In" or "Confirmed As Attended").
  5. Select a time.
  6. Click Submit.

For more information on using the portal to log group attendance see Posting Attendance From the Portal.

Mobile Tools

  1. Log in to Mobile Tools.
  2. Select Group Manager.
  3. Select the desired group.
  4. Click the blue Record/View Attendance button.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the event.
  6. Check the box next to names of the participants who were present.
  7. Click Save/Update.

Group Attendance Tool

  1. From the Events page, open the desired Event record.
  2. From the Tools menu, launch the Group Attendance Tool.
  3. Select desired Group.
  4. Select desired individuals.
  5. Select desired Participation Status.
  6. If desired, select a Room.
  7. Click Complete.

Roll Scan Attendance Tool

  1. From the Events page open the desired Event record.
  2. Click Tools, then select Rollscan Attendance Tool.
  3. Use your barcode reader to scan the barcode for each present person.
  4. Click Post Attendance.
Pro Tip: If you want attendance to be logged for group participation, the Group has to be assigned to an Event through a Room Reservation record. When Event Participants are added to the Event with the Group Participant value populated, attendance will show for the Group. Events can be created either manually or by the Group Attendance Notification.
Viewing Group Attendance

Group Record

  1. Open the Group record from the Groups page in MinistryPlatform.
  2. Review the Participants paying special attention to the "Last Attended" column in the Participants sub-page.
  3. ‚ÄčOptionally, make a selection from the records in the sub-page to communicate with individuals who have not attended recently.


  1. Select one or more Group records from the Groups page while looking at the main grid listing all Groups.
  2. Launch a report related to Group attendance. Some of these are listed below:
    • Selected Group Attendance
    • Selected Group Attendance by Individual
    • Selected Group Attendee Search
    • Selected Group Last Attended