Page Views

The following views are included on the Groups page with the typical installation of MinistryPlatform. These views are universal and are visible to all users with rights to the Groups page.
  • Current Groups & Teams: Groups whose Start Date is in the past and the End Date is either empty or in the future.
  • Current Small Groups: Current Groups of the type Small Group.
  • Empty Groups: Groups without Participants enrolled.
  • Future Groups & Teams: Groups with a Start Date in the future.
  • Group Stats: Columns in this view summarize data about the Group including how many Participants are in the Group and when the first and last Participants were added to the group.
  • Group Finder Groups (formerly Online Groups): Groups currently available on the Group Finder page of the Portal.
  • Past Groups & Teams: Groups with an End Date in the past.
  • Small Group Inquiries: A view summarizing Group Inquiry activity related to each Group:
    • The group must be of type "Small Group" and it must be current to display.
    • Columns include the number of inquiries and how many of those inquirers were placed in the Group.
  • Small Group Participation: A view showing the number of Participants, Servants and Leaders in the Group along with the name of the Parent Group and the Grand-Parent group.
  • Small Groups-Current: Current groups with a group type of 1 (generally Small Groups).
  • Small Groups-Full: Current groups with a group type of 1 where Group Is Full=Yes.
  • Small Groups-Full Not Set: Current groups with a group type of 1 where Group is Full is not set.
    • These groups may need to be reviewed to determine whether or not they are full and set that value properly.
  • Target Size and Space: A view summarizing whether current Groups have any capacity:
    • This is determined based upon the number of participants currently in the group compared to the value set in the Target Size field of the Group.