There are two types of Portal Pages: Public Pages and Secure Pages . All of these pages leverage information in the MinistryPlatform database, displaying it in a way that's useful and actionable for attendees of your church.

Pages can be hidden from navigation menus if your church is not ready to launch certain pages. When ready for your congregation to use, these pages can be shown. Public pages can also be configured to require login. To request any of these changes, have a SPoC email Support.

Home — Landing page for the Portal; can be customized to include information and instructions about using your Portal.

Calendar — View Events a month at a time; facilitates Event registration.

Forms — View and submit Custom Forms; requires a unique key to view form.

Group Finder — Find a Group based on Campus (Congregation), Group Focus, etc.

Group Finder by Survey — Find a Group matching survey Attributes.

Login — Login to secure pages, create an account or reset your password.

Make A Pledge — Pledge funds toward an ongoing Pledge Campaign.

Mission Trip Registration — Register for a Mission Trip.

Mission Trip and Project Giving — Give to a Mission Trip or Project.

My Calls — See and log phone calls assigned to you.

My Contribution Statement — Shows any fully-processed donations credited to donor or spouse.

My Events — View any Events you've registered for or indicated interest in attending.

My Giving — Shows any Donations credited to donor or spouse.

My Groups — View the Groups you belong to.

My Mission Trips — View Mission Trips you are fundraising for, as well as fundraising progress and donors.

My Pledges — View Pledge history for donor and spouse.

My Profile — Edit your survey Attributes.

My Purchase History — View Event registrations/payments.

My Subscriptions — Manage the Publications you receive.

My User Account — Manage contact information for you and your Household.

Online Directory — Lookup people’s basic contact information.

Online Giving — Give online.

Opportunity Finder — Find Opportunities to serve by Campus (Congregation), Ministry Area and keywords.

Opportunity Finder by Survey — Find Opportunities to serve by survey Attributes.

Portal Admin — Provides tools for managing files and settings associated with your Portal.

Site Index — Access links to all Portal pages.

Transaction Summary (Checkout) — Complete payments and registrations for multiple events and gifts.