Opportunity Finder (Survey)



  • The Portal's Find Opportunity by Survey page shows MinistryPlatform Opportunities that are available for online display.
  • On the Find Opportunity by Survey page, you can search for Opportunities by Attribute (you have control over what Attributes are available to search by). Once an Opportunity is clicked, the Opportunity Detail and interest form process is the same as Opportunity Finder
  • Attributes within an Attribute Type are not mutually exclusive. The Survey will look for matches on any Attribute selected - even if there are multiple Attributes selected of the same Attribute Type.
  • Attributes are considered individually and not in total. The Survey will look for matches on any Attribute selected - regardless of other Attributes selected or not selected.
  • The Percent Match is calculated by taking the number of matching Attributes the returned Opportunity has divided by the total number of Attributes chosen in the search. So, if a user chooses 4 Attributes to search on and the Opportunity returned matches 3 of the 4 Attributes, the calculation will be 3 / 4 = 75%.

Initial Setup

A SPoC must complete initial setup in order to use Opportunity Finder.
  1. Populate the desired Attributes by going to Lookup Values and creating the desired records on the following pages. Be sure to set the appropriate Attribute Type(s) to Available Online=True.
    • Attribute Types
    • Attributes
  2. If desired, setup a Process that automatically notifies the Opportunity Primary Contact when a Response is submitted for Opportunities. You can also setup a Process that sends a confirmation email to the person who indicated interest in the Opportunity.
  3. Place the navigation link to Find Opportunity by Survey (opportunity_survey.aspx) in the desired place on your Portal skin. If desired, you can place the link on the church website.

Online Visibility

Follow the normal Opportunity setup process. Additionally, in each Opportunity, go to the Attributes sub-page and add the desired Attribute(s) to each Opportunity. This step ensures that the Opportunity appears in the search results when the applicable Attribute(s) are selected.