Portal Admin


The Portal Admin page provides tools for managing skins, files and settings associated with your Portal.

Providing Access

Access to the Portal Admin page is controlled by a Security Role and the Configuration Setting PORTAL,PortalAdminRoleID.

  1. Go to Administration > Configuration Settings and find the Security Role ID# in the PORTAL,PortalAdminRoleID Configuration Setting. 
  2. Place users in this Role to grant access to the Portal Admin page.

The default Role is Administrators. If you would like to grant access to the page to a User without granting admin privileges in the platform, you can change the Role for the Portal Admin page.

Getting to the Portal Admin Page

  • If you have appropriate access, you can go to the Portal Admin page at
  • The following notice appears if you don't have permission to use the page:

Portal Skins

The Portal Skins section provides tools for managing your skins. Using these tools you can:

Email Templates

The Email Templates section allows you to edit email templates the Portal sends.  


The Resource Files section allows you to edit Resource Files.

Reload Configuration Settings

When clicked, the Reload Config Settings button reloads all values from the customer config file. This option is used when making any updates to Configuration Settings that are needed for immediate testing or application. 


Test Support Email

Test Support Email sends an email to Support. The email address used is set in a Configuration Setting PORTAL,ErrorEmail. The email address should be left as portalerror@<churchdomain>. This is normally configured by Think Ministry support staff to ensure they receive automated error notification.