My Subscriptions



End Users

The My Subscriptions page of the Portal allows a logged-in user to:

  • View all Publications available online.
  • View their current Subscriptions.
  • Subscribe to new Publications by checking the Subscribed box.
  • Unsubscribe from current Publications by unchecking the Subscribed box.
  • Opt-out of all emails (which updates the Bulk Email Opt-Out field on the Contact record).

Initial Setup

A SPoC must place the navigation link to My Subscriptions (my_subscriptions.aspx) in the desired place on your Portal skin. If desired, you can place the link on your church website. You can also send a message using the "My Subscriptions" snippet to allow congregation members to access this page.

Publication Setup

You have control over the Publications on this page. A Publication appears on My Subscriptions if it is set up as follows:

  1. Go to Communications > Publications.
  2. Click New to create a new Publication, or click to open an existing Publication.
  3. Indicate information in the applicable fields:
    • Title: friendly name of the email list; appears on My Subscriptions.
    • Description: explanation of email list purpose; appears on My Subscriptions.
    • Available Online: must be set to True in order for the Publication to appear on My Subscriptions.
    • Online Sort Order: if the Publication is available online, indicating a number here determines the order the Publication appears on the My Subscriptions page. Publications on My Subscriptions are ordered lowest number to highest number.
  4. Click Save.