Portal Errors


The following errors can occur in the MinistryPlatform portal and have known causes and solutions:

Logging In

Error during login: There is more than one user satisfying the provided search criteria. 

This error is caused when more than one person matches the User name.

Giving and Payments

There are no items available for processing

This error occurs when a user attempts to complete a transaction but the shopping cart is empty.

This transaction cannot be accepted.

This error occurs when an Authorize.NET transaction key is invalid. Keys are invalidated 24 hours after you generate a new one.

User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values

This error occurs when the Authorize.NET keys are invalid or the endpoint url is incorrectly configured. When using a production account, the endpoint must be a production url. If the transaction involves recurring giving, the endpoint is specified in the portal web.config, not the customer config.

Invalid Username

Support can double-check that your keys are properly configured in your portal. This error may be specific to NMI. 

Overriding Duplicate Threshold is not allowed for this processor

This error is specific to NMI when "Allow Merchant Override" is not set in the Processor settings. It needs to be corrected by contacting your NMI Vendor.

User XXXXXX is not allowed to process sale transactions. REFID: ##########

This error is specific to NMI. It needs to be corrected by contacting your NMI Vendor.

Authentication Failed.

This error is specific to NMI and indicates the Client ID or Transaction Key (user/password) is incorrect.

Something was wrong with your uploaded skin file. Please make sure there is one and only one htm file in the root of your skin zip file.

There are two known causes for this error: 1) The zip has multiple htm files in the root. 2) The htm file has the same name as an existing skin. See Troubleshooting Steps