My Mission Trips



  • The My Mission Trips page allows an authenticated user to see fundraising progress on mission trips they are currently participating in or have previously participated in. 
  • You can optionally allow trip participants to see the dollar amount of each financial gift, as well as the name and address of the donor.
  • Trip leaders can see fundraising progress of all mission trip participants for their specific trip.
  • Heads of Household are able to see all family trips in My Mission Trips for people in their Household (e.g., if a high school student participates in a trip, their parent can see the fundraising progress for their child in the parent's My Mission Trip page). 

Initial Setup

A SPoC must place the navigation link to My Mission Trip (my_mission_trips.aspx) in the desired place on your Portal skin. If desired, you can also place the link on your church website.

Additionally, a SPoC must go to Administration > Configuration Settings to update the following Configuration Settings. Remember to use the Portal Admin page to reload the Configuration Settings if you don't want to wait for them to take effect.

  • AllowMissionTripViewAmounts: if True, trip participants can view the dollar amounts of financial gifts given to toward their mission trip.
  • AllowMissionTripViewDonors: if True, trip participants can view the names and addresses of people who have given toward their mission trip.
  • MissionTripCampaignTypeID: the Campaign Type ID (found in System Lookups > Campaign Types) used for Mission Trips/Projects.

Pledge Campaign & Pledge Setup

For a mission trip to appear on the My Mission Trips page, create the appropriate Pledge Campaign(s) in MinistryPlatform. When doing so, ensure the following fields are set as desired.

  • Campaign Name: friendly name that appears in the Mission Trip list
  • Campaign Type: the Campaign Type used for Mission Trips (must be the same one indicated in the MissionTripCampaignID from above).
  • Campaign Goal: total fundraising goal of all participants.
  • Program
  • Event
  • Start Date and End Date: today must be within these dates.

Once the Pledge Campaign is setup, add trip participants in the Pledges sub-page of the Pledge Campaign. Anyone indicated here has access to the trip in My Mission Trips so long as their Pledge Status is Active or Completed. Additionally, anyone indicated as a Trip Leader can see all trip participants' fundraising progress for that specific trip.

User Walk-Through

Upon logging in, trip participants are provided a list of mission trips they are participating in. The trips are ordered Event Date descending.

Upon clicking a mission trip name, trip participants can see their overall progress. 

If your configuration settings allow, trip participants can click View My Donors to see donation amounts and/or donor names and addresses.  

Leader View

Individuals whose Pledge record is Trip Leader=True can see the information indicated above, as well as a summary of all trip participant fundraising progress.