Site Index


If your Portal skin is adjusted to hide unwanted pages, you can still access all links to the possible Portal pages by going to the Site Index. 

To access the Site Index, append your Portal url with site_index.aspx. For example,

For a list of standard MinistryPlatform Portal pages, include:

Content Pages

  • /default.aspx (Home)
  • Any custom pages created. See this KB for details.

Public Applications

  • Event Calendar
  • Online Giving
  • Group Finder
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Mission Trip Giving
  • Mission Trip Registration
  • Make A Pledge
  • Find Group by Survey
  • Find Opportunity by Survey

Secured Applications

  • My User Account
  • My Giving
  • My Purchase History
  • My Contribution Statement
  • My Groups
  • My Events
  • My Mission Trips
  • My Subscriptions
  • My Profile
  • Church Directory
  • My Calls
  • My Pledges

Admin Applications

  • Portal Admin

For more details, see this KB.

Note: Custom Forms will not appear in the site index.