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Widgets are here! Widgets are being released in phases and will eventually replace the Portal At that time, the Portal will no longer be supported (tentatively March 31, 2022) and  your system's Portal URL will be disabled (tentatively October 31, 2022). Get started on your transition plan today!


  • To access the Portal, go to your organization's Portal URL (for example,
  • Secure pages of the Portal require a User account to authenticate (log in) prior to use. 
  • These pages are designed for access to personal information such as contact information, giving, contribution statements, purchases and more. 
  • Public pages can be placed behind authentication to make it a secure page that requires users to log in. With the exception of Events, this choice is all or nothing for a given page (e.g., you can make Group Finder a secure page, and this choice requires login for any person trying to sign up for any Group). A SPoC can request this from Professional Services.
  • By default, any visitor to your Portal can create a User account (if desired, this functionality can be disabled).
  • The "Forgot Password" functionality allows individuals to recover their User account if they have an email address in MinistryPlatform. 
  • See this page for more information on creating Portal User accounts

Video Topics

0:22 - My User Account
1:32 - My Giving
2:19 - My Contribution Statement
2:54 - My Purchase History
3:50 - My Mission Trips
4:46 - Emailing Direct Portal Links