Do you manually manage your own giving? Then this information is for you! But if you're not manually managing your giving, you can cross this article off your list and feel accomplished!

Your users can give through the app, making it a one-stop-shop for all things church-related. And making giving as seamless as possible creates a great experience for your users and reduces headaches all around.

Online Giving

To achieve a seamless transition from your app to, the “OLG Fund” and “OLG Sub Fund” fields of the Program record must be filled out.

Obtaining Values from OnlineGiving

The values for “Giving OLG Fund” and “OLG Sub Fund” come from (OLG). Note: This step will need to be done by someone with Administrator access to your OnlineGiving account.

  1. Navigate to your church's OnlineGiving site.
  2. You'll be prompted to select a campus. This is selecting the Fund you are giving to.
  3. Once you’ve selected a Campus, the OnlineGiving website will prompt you to select a Gift Fund. This is the Sub Fund. 
  4. After selecting the Gift Fund, you'll be returned  to the main screen with the Fund and Sub Fund now displayed.
  5. Go into OnlineGiving’s Control Panel and generate a CSV of all your Funds. 
  6. Download the CSV and identify the Fund (campus). You'll be adding this value to the Platform.
  7. Go into OnlineGiving's control panel and generate a CSV for the identified Fund.
  8. Download the second CSV and identify the Sub Fund (Gift Fund). You'll be adding the value to the Platform.

For more information on how to generate the CSV files or perform any other action in the OnlineGiving admin panel, please contact OnlineGiving at

Adding Fund & Sub Fund Values

After you've obtained your Fund and Sub Fund values, you'll need to add them to the Program record in the Platform.

  1. Church Structure > Programs
  2. Select the Program donations should be associated with
  3. Edit
  4. Add the OLG Fund and OLG Sub Fund values
  5. Save