Campus/Parish Selector



This premium feature is an additional $100/month for up to 15 campuses. There is no setup fee for current PocketPlatform customers. Please reach out to Support to have the Campus/Parish Selector configured for your PockectPlatform app.

Campus/Parish List

Campus/Parish MapSet a Campus/Parish

The Campus/Parish Selector allows users to view Campuses or Parishes on a Map or in a searchable list. Users will see information from both the Diocese and their active Campus or Parish and all content will be filtered based on their active Campus or Parish:

If for some reason, the User wants to see information from a different Campus or Parish, they can do that! Campuses and Parishes can be displayed on a map so the User can see what's closest to them. Or they can select to display your Campus or Parish on a list. The app will even remember recently viewed Campus or Parish.

No matter which view is used, the Campus/Parish Selector will display information from the Congregation's record. Note: A Congregation must have Available Online = True to be displayed in the Campus/Parish Selector.

  • Congregation Name
  • Pastor
  • Location
  • Description
  • If a default image is attached to the Congregation record, it will be displayed

Tapping on a Campus or Parish will show additional details, including ...

  • The Campus's or Parish's phone number. Just tap it to give them a call!
  • Driving directions, if the Campus's or Parish's address latitude and longitude are available.
Existing Users

Users with an account will see their Campus or Parish of Record and content from their active Campus or Parish. Using the Campus/Parish Selector, Users can search for additional Campuses or Parishes on a map or in list view. And if they've recently viewed a Campus or Parish, they can view that list, too. Tapping on a Campus or Parish from any view will display that Campus or Parish details.

New Users

The first time a User accesses your app, they'll have three options:

  • Login: If your Users have an account with your Church's website, they can use those credentials to log into your app.
    • Upon login, if there is a Congregation associated with their Household record, it will be set as their active Campus or Parish.
    • Users can always change their selected Campus or Parish using the Campus/Parish Selector.
    • If no Congregation is associated with their Household, the user will be directed to the Campus/Parish Selector so they can select their active Campus or Parish.
  • Create Account: No account? No problem! Users can create an account with their first and last names, email address, phone number, and date of birth or age.  Once an account is created, the User is presented with the Campus/Parish Selector to their active Campus or Parish.

  • Continue as Guest: No time to set up an account? User can't remember their credential? Totally fine. Users can opt to continue as a guest, in which case they'll be asked to pick which Campus or Parish they want to set as the active Campus or Parish for their navigation of the app.

Note: The Campus/Parish Selector does not add any data to the User's Household record. The Campus or Parish of Record (the Congregation on the Household record), will be assigned by staff.