Push Notifications


Want to send a push notification to your users? You can do that! The Push Notification tools for PocketPlatform lets you send notifications to all devices that have your app installed, right from the Platform.

Note: To receive push notifications, users will need to allow them on their mobile device. If you'll be utilizing push notifications, encourage your congregation to update their notification settings and use them wisely. You don't want to send so many push notifications that they become white noise or trigger people to disallow them. Want to know how to enable notifications? Keep reading!
Global Push Notifications

To send a push notification to all of your app users, the Global Push Notifications tool is for you!

  1. Administration > Users
  2. Tools > Global Push Notifications
  3. Add
    • Message Title
    • Message Content
  4. Check the box to verify the message is correct and that you intend to send the push notification.
  5. Send Message.
Targeted Push Notifications

If you want to send push notifications to a targeted selection of your app users, select the Targeted Push Notifications tool.

  1. Administration > Users
  2. Select the users you'll be sending the push notification to. Pro tip: Create a view (or two!) so you can quickly and accurately find your users ever time. The number of users you're sending the message to will appear in the tool.
  3. Tools > Targeted Push Notifications
  4. Add
    • Message Title
    • Message Content
  5. Send Push Notification
Enabling App Notifications

In order to receive your push notifications, users need to allow them. You can't do this for them, but some gentle encouragement and pointers can help guide the way. Note: In addition to enabling notifications in the app's settings, Users might have to allow them on their device.

On iOS Devices

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select App
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Confirm Allow Notifications is on or toggle Allow Notifications on

On Android Devices

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Apps & notifications
  3. Select App info
  4. Select your App from the list
  5. Select Notifications
  6. Confirm Allow Notification is on or toggle Show Notifications on
Users still not getting their notifications? After confirming the their app and phone settings are correct, have them: 1) log out of the app; 2) close the app; 3) reopen the app; and 4) and log back in.