Your App


PocketPlatform was built from the ground up to provide a rich, customized, and engaging app experience for your Congregation. Curious about how people are engaging with your app? Want to know what type of devices they're using? The PocketPlatform Customer Portal has the answers!

  • App Branding: We'll create your app using the App Branding form you provided. And consistent, branded images make your app look great.
  • Releasing Your App: So your app is ready to go? Here's what happens next!
  • Promoting Your App: Once your app is available in the app store, promote it to engage your Congregation.
  • Images: Attach images to your Events, Groups, and Opportunities in the Platform and make your app the best it can be.
  • Analytics: And now that your app is in use, keep tabs on how it's doing so you can celebrate wins and plan next steps.

Did you know you can display your PocketPlatform app in Spanish? Reach out to Support to see if your app includes the Spanish language pack. If it does, the hard-coded elements of your app (menu items, headers, buttons, etc.) will automatically appear in Spanish for users whose phones are set to Spanish (in their phone settings). If your app doesn’t include the Spanish language pack, don’t worry! Contact Support to get it this option added for YOUR congregation.

Note: The language pack only changes things like the headers and menu items. The actual content of your app (for example, event descriptions, Dashboard content, etc.) will remain in its original language as it was entered into the Platform. The language pack does not provide a blanket translation of the app.