Reading Plans


You can add one or more Reading Plans to your PocketPlatform Dashboard. Reading Plans are a great tool for engaging your community and encouraging your Congregation to read through scriptures together. Each Reading Plan can be assigned multiple Reading Plan Days. And each Reading Plan Day has a Date, Title, and Scripture passage.

Reading Plan Options 

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Configuring a Reading Plan

The Reading Plan is the container that holds all of the days together. It could be an annual plan,  or it should be based on a topic or sermon series. The choice is yours!

  1. PocketPlatform > Reading Plans
  2. New
  3. Enter Reading Plan title
  4. Save

Configuring a Reading Plan Day

After you've set up the reading plan, you'll need to set up the reading for each day.

  1. PocketPlatform > Reading Plan Days
  2. New
  3. Select your Reading Plan
  4. Add
    • Reading Plan Day: a numerical value representing the day of the reading plan (for example, for the third day of the reading plan, enter "3").
    • Date: The date the scripture should be read
    • Passages: The scripture verses associated with that day's reading. Note: We currently support the American Standard Version (ASV) and English Standard Version (ESV). ASV is the default, but if you'd like to use ESV, contact Support.
  1. Save
  2. Repeat until all of the Reading Plan's days have been added.

You can then create a Dashboard recipe or a Navigation link to open a specific Reading Plan. The App will display all Reading Plan Days that are today or older (the app displays them in a list with the Title, Date, and list of scriptures). When the user clicks the Reading Plan Day, it will load those scriptures.

Adding a Reading Plan to Your Dashboard

Once your Reading Plan and associated days are configured, you can add them to your Dashboard using a recipe or an app link. The app will display all Reading Plan Days that are today's reading or older. They'll be displayed with the title, date, and list of scriptures for clarity.