PocketPlatform gets your event information in people's hands and empowers them to take action when something catches their eye!

Users have the option to view featured Events or visualize Events on a calendar. And if you have a lot of events, Users can filter events by Campus or Ministry.

PocketPlatform Events allows Users to ....

  • View the Event date and time
  • View the Event description
  • Send a message to the Event's Primary Contact
  • Add the event to their calendar app
  • Register, if the Event is configured for registration
  • Share the Event
  • Set a reminder


Platform Configuration

If you've set up your Event in the Platform, then you've set up your event for PocketPlatform!

  • Image: The default image attached to the Event will be displayed
  • Title: The Event's title
  • Ministry: The Ministry associated with the Event will be displayed under the Event's Title
  • Date & Time: The Event's date and time
  • Description: The description of your Event. We recommend keeping it short and sweet ;)
  • Primary Contact: The Event's Primary Contact. Simply tap their name to send a message.
  • Instructions: Instructions for people attending your Event
  • Sign Up: Register for the Event according to the Event's Registration Product and Form

Level Up

Take your Events on PocketPlatform up a notch by adding your most important Events to your app's Dashboard. And don't forget to leverage Lists of Lists to organize and customize your information.