Your people attend events and there are a lot of reasons why you might want them to check in, including Participant Engagement and utilizing Check-in Suite. PocketPlatform puts check-in right in people's, well, pockets.

To leverage check-in, you'll need scanners that can scan phone screens. While bar code scanners will work if you're not using FastPass, scanners that can read QR codes will work for both.


If configured, a FastPass card will appear on your user's Dashboard during check-in events.

  • App Users will see the FastPass option if ...
    • They have an Event Participant record associated with an Event that allows check-in OR
    • They have a Group Participant record in a Group that has an Event/Room assignment for an Event that allows checkin
  • When selected, users will be presented with their Household check-in options so they can check in on their phone.
  • When a user checks in on their phone, an Event Participant record with the Participant Type "Registered" will be created.
  • When the QR code is scanned, relevant nametags will automatically print and the Participant Type will be updated to "Attended."
  • FastPass will honor the Checkin window on the Event record, as defined by the Early Checkin and Late Checkin Periods. So if the Early Checkin Period is 30 minutes and the Late Checkin Period is 10 minutes, Fastpass will become available 30 minutes before the start of the Event and stay visible until 10 minutes after the start of the Event.

Configuring FastPass

Want to get FastPass up and running? We can help you! Contact Support and we'll enable FastPass. Pro tip: Make sure you have QR code reading scanners ready to go. Once FastPass is enabled, both check-in options will present QR codes.

FastPass will only appear on the Dashboard when there is a Check-In Event, so make sure ...

  • Check-In is turned on for your Event.
  • People are in Groups associated with the Event.
  • The early and late check-in times are set. If FastPass isn't appearing on your Dashboard soon enough or is disappearing too early, adjust these times.

Using FastPass

By default, FastPass will be available one hour before the Event starts and ten minutes after the start time. Want different availability? No problem! Add your custom times to the Early Check-In Period and Late Check-In Period fields on the Event record.
  1. Open PocketPlatform app
  2. Tap "Check-in with FastPass" option on the Dashboard
  3. Select relevant check-in options
  4. Tap Create FastPass
  5. Scan QR code
  6. Nametags will print automatically

New with V2! Need to use the QR code without checking anyone else in? Use the handy dandy QR Code button in the bottom right to go back to the QR Code screen. Very helpful when a parent completed the Fastpass process and then a child grabbed the phone and tapped a bunch of things and can't find the QR Code anymore .... ;)


Note: While check-in is available, it has been superseded by FastPass.

Standard check-in presents the user with a bar or QR code that is generated based on the Family Call Number field on their Household record.

  • If FastPass is enabled, check-in will present a QR code. If not, a bar code will be presented.
  • Does not allow pre-registration and auto-printing of badges. When scanning a barcode at a check-in station, the user will be presented with their Household's check-in options.
Using Check-In
  1. Open PocketPlatform app
  2. Action Menu (it's the hamburger menu in the upper left corner) > Check-in
  3. Scan QR or bar code
  4. Select check-in options
  5. Print