Secure Pages



  • To access the Portal, go to your organization's Portal URL (e.g.,
  • Secure pages of the Portal require a User account to authenticate (log in) prior to use. 
  • These pages are designed for access to personal information such as contact information, giving, contribution statements, purchases and more. 
  • Public pages can be placed behind authentication to make it a secure page that requires users to log in. With the exception of Events, this choice is all or nothing for a given page (e.g., you can make Group Finder a secure page, and this choice requires login for any person trying to sign up for any Group). A SPoC can request this from Professional Services.
  • By default, any visitor to your Portal can create a User account (if desired, this functionality can be disabled).
  • The "Forgot Password" functionality allows individuals to recover their User account if they have an email address in MinistryPlatform. 
  • See this page for more information on creating Portal User accounts

Video Topics

0:22 - My User Account
1:32 - My Giving
2:19 - My Contribution Statement
2:54 - My Purchase History
3:50 - My Mission Trips
4:46 - Emailing Direct Portal Links