Background Check Request

Use of this Portal page requires that you have a Background Check integration. 
See Protect My Ministry or Secure Search for integration setup details.


  • The Background Check page of the Portal can only be accessed by a direct link provided by the church to a Contact who needs to complete a Background Check for the church.
  • Background Check requests links should be sent from the Platform via the Background Check Request Tool.
  • If a Contact attempts to access the page without this link, they will receive the following message: This page cannot be launched without a proper Background Check Request.
  • If a Contact attempts to access the page again after submitting the Background Check request, they will receive the following message: This background check has already been submitted. No further action is necessary or available.
  • To manually create a link for this page append the GUID from the Background Check record to your Portal URL for this page. For example:[Background_Check_GUID]
  • The form presented to the Contact is based on the Background Check Type option set on the Background Check record.
  • SSN is a required field for this form and is sent in a secure format directly to your background check vendor in order to process the background check request. It is not saved anywhere in/on your MP system/server.
  • Once processed by your background check vendor, the Contact's Background Check record will be updated with the results.

Initial Setup

A SPoC must complete initial setup in order to use the Background Checks page. Contact Support if you need assistance.

Customize the Background Check page for your church's terms and conditions (and any state requirements) for background checks. To do so:

  1. Go to your Portal Admin page on your Portal.
  2. Locate the following files in the Resources section:
    • BackgroundCheck_Instructions.htm: This controls the instructions presented at the top of every Background Check form.
    • BackgroundCheck_Terms.htm: This controls the consent section presented at the end of every Background Check form before the digital signature is collected.
    • BackgroundCheck_ThankYou.htm: This controls the thank you message presented after every Background Check form is submitted.
  3. Edit as desired. Images are supported.

After making changes to any of these files, you should re-test the integration. Malformed html can prevent the integration from working properly.

Important! Effective 3/26/2019 the Georgia Crime Information Center has updated its requirements for consent forms that are required to process Georgia Statewide searches such that the phrase “Criminal Background Check” must be included on the release. If you church performs background checks on residents of Georgia, please make sure to update your BackgroundCheck_Terms.htm file accordingly.

User Walk Through

  1. Receive a link via email from the church indicating that a background check is required to serve or participate in the Ministry Y.
  2. Click the link provided to be taken to the Background Check page of the Portal. No login or password is required for the recipient to use this link.
  3. All known and applicable information is pre-filled (name, address, phone, etc.)
  4. Enter any additional required information. 
  5. Review the consent information and legal disclosures.
  6. Digitally sign the form.
  7. Click Submit Background Check.
  8. Thank You message presented.