System & User Resources


No matter where you are in MinistryPlatform, you always have access to these systems and user resources in the upper right corner of your screen.

Global Search

Global Search returns matches across multiple Pages. This can be useful when looking for specific information but are unsure where it is located. It is also an insightful way to see various records related to a single individual.

Product Alerts

Notifications related to new releases and updates are indicated by the bell icon. The number of alerts are noted inside the icon, and will be present until the time set by the Think Ministry Inc. staff.

When a new alert is initially pushed, the Product Alert dialog appears for all Users after logging in.

Once the dialog is dismissed by the User, these alerts can be revisited at any time by clicking the bell or until they expire. 

First Time Authentication

New Users who authenticate for the first time will be prompted to set their Time Zone and Locale.  These values can be found and changed on the User Account record if prompt is ignored.  If null values exist, the user will inherit the Time Zone and Locale of the Domain record.  

User Account Dialog

Clicking the Display Name launches the User Account dialog for the currently authenticated User. SPoCs (or any User marked as Can Impersonate=True) have a choice of navigating to User Account or impersonating another User.

Log Out

Clicking Log Out logs you out of MinistryPlatform and navigates you back to the Login screen. For security purposes, logging out is recommended whenever you close MinistryPlatform or leave your workstation unattended.


Clicking About displays a pop-up window that provides details of the MinistryPlatform version you are running. SPoCs (or any User marked as Admin=True) also have a Refresh Cache button on their About window

Refresh Cache

If you are an Admin (set in your User record) you can refresh the cache using this dialog. Clicking "Refresh Cache" forces updates made to the Domain Record to take effect immediately that would otherwise take time to be reset in the cache.


Clicking Bookmarks displays quick links set by your SPoC for easy access to other online resources (e.g., Portal, your organization's website, Think Ministry's KnowledgeBase). Bookmarks can be updated by SPoCs  (or any User with Edit rights to the Lookup Values > Bookmarks page).