Global Search



Global Search returns matches across multiple Pages. This can be useful when looking for specific information but are unsure where it is located. It is also an insightful way to see various records related to a single individual.

Performing a Search

Global Search is located in the masthead and is available from every Page. When a search is performed, the User is redirected to the Home Page where results are displayed:

Results are displayed according to the Page's "All Records" View, therefore the columns in your results may appear differently than the screenshot above. Comma and wildcard searches are allowed but may distort results as the columns vary per Page. In the example shown above, the search term "Grant, Cary" would return only Contact results as "Cary" is not found in the second column of Groups or Events. Choosing an individual record from the results will navigate to that record. 

Up to 10 records will be displayed per Page with the title row stating the full result count. Clicking on the title row for a Page (e.g. "2 Results found in Groups") will navigate to that Page pre-filtered by the search term and display all results. 

Initial Configuration 

A Page will be included in Global Search results if the field "In Global Search" is set to True.

By default, this field is toggled on for Contacts, Events, and Groups. A SPoC may set this to True for any additional Page or Filtered Page. If all Pages have this field turned off, the Global Search bar will no longer appear. Please note that toggling this feature on for too many Pages will have a negative impact on search performance.