Home Page

You are automatically navigated to your Home page upon logging into MinistryPlatform. The Home page consists of the following five tabs. The content of each tab is unique to the User logged in.

My Dashboard

Any Charts you have added to your dashboard will appear here. Drag and drop Charts to rearrange display order. 

My Tasks

These are Tasks that have been assigned to you and are waiting on your action to move forward/be complete. As shown above, the total number of outstanding Tasks is visible from any tab, represented by a blue badge.  Any overdue Tasks a user has will appear in a red badge. 

My Messages

These are Messages that have been sent or received by you. For security, rendered messages are not available on any views. If needed, the Message Body (with unrendered tokens) can be seen on the Message page. This prevents staff from circumventing their access limits through resolved merge fields.
Your Draft Messages can also be found here by navigating to the My Drafts view.

My Selections

These are Selections that you have made throughout the system. 

My Notifications

These are View Notifications that you have scheduled.