Clicking a row on the List or Grid layout will open the record. Opening the record will display more information about that record.


1. Record URL: Every page and record in MinistryPlatform has a unique URL, which is in the browser. You can copy this link, bookmark it or email it to another user for quick access to a specific record. 

2. Main Page: This is the primary information of the record. This includes the record ID, which might need to be found when using more advanced features. The top of the main page provides a label of [Record Type] #[ID Number]: [Record Name] (for example, Group #229: Downtown Ushers).

3. Record Facts: A curated collection of key information pulled from around the Platform to summarize and visualize what you've decided your users need to see at a glance. Record Facts can be added, modified, and styled to serve your church well.

4. Tabs: Tabs show information related to the record you have open, allowing users to quickly see snapshots of related information without having to leave the record. Available tabs vary based on the open record and your Security Role. 

5. Actions: Actions that can be taken while inside this record.

6. Tools & Reports: Tools and reports that are available while inside this record.

7. Record Insights: A flexible data visualization that puts mission-critical information front and center, Record Insights can be displayed or hidden by tapping the menu.

8. Panels: The Panels show a snapshot of related details in the system like Tasks, Attached Files, and the Audit Log. Panels vary based on the open record and your Security Role.

9. Link Navigation: Link navigation allows you to quickly access other records related to the open record. Clicking the link icon () automatically takes you to the linked record. Links vary based on the open record and your Security Role.