When on a page's data grid, clicking a row opens the record. Once inside an open record, there are several areas to be aware of.

1. Record URL

Every page and record in MinistryPlatform has a unique URL, which is in the browser. You can copy this link, bookmark it or email it to another user for quick access to a specific record. 

2. Toolbar (Verbs)

The toolbar provides users with specific actions that can be taken from an open record. The options vary between record types and depend on your Security Roles. 

3. Main Page

This is the primary information of the record. This includes the record ID, which might need to be found when using more advanced features. The top of the main page provides a label of [Record Type] #[ID Number]: [Record Name] (e.g., Group #229: Downtown Ushers).

4. Panels

The Panels show a snapshot of related details in the system like Tasks, Attached Files, Contact Card and changes made (noted in the Audit Log). Panels vary based on the open record and your Security Role.

5. Link Navigation

Link navigation allows you to quickly access other records related to the open record. Clicking the link icon () automatically takes you to the linked record. Links vary based on the open record and your Security Role.

If desired, you can right-click a link and choose "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window" so that you don't lose your spot in the initial open record.  Performing a right-click on a navigation link only works if the link goes to a URL, which starts with "https://". A link that cannot be right-clicked reads "javascript: void(0)." (see below)

6. Sub-Pages

Sub-pages are pages that related to the record you have open. These are ways to quickly see snapshots of related information without having the leave the record. Sub-pages vary based on the open record and your Security Role. 

7. Duplicate Browser Tab

If you are using Google Chrome, you can right-click the browser tab and click on "duplicate." This will open a duplicate window and allow you to have multiple records open at the same time.