Lookup Values



  • Lookup Values are the records that control what appears in the various drop-down menus throughout the system. 
  • Typically, access to the Lookup Values section of MinistryPlatform is restricted to SPoCs. It is highly recommended that you maintain this approach; access to and editing rights of Lookup Values should only be given to the select few users who understand how changes and additions affect the system. 
  • Note: These Lookup Values are different from System Lookup Values (which should not be edited).

Updating Lookup Values

  • Lookup Values can be renamed. That said, edits should only be related to clarification and should never change the base meaning of the value (for example, the value of Inactive should never be changed to Active).
  • Lookup Values can be added if new values are needed. 
  • In either case:
    • Make sure to review any views that might be affected by your renaming/addition
    • Review any Configuration Settings that may be affected
    • Communicate the change to users so they aren't confused
We strongly discourage deleting Lookup Values. If you are considering removing a Lookup Value, it's recommended that you contact Support for their perspective before you make the deletion. Please note that modifications may not be supported.

Current Lookup Values

Want to change a Lookup Value that isn't listed here? It might be a System Lookup ValueSystem Lookup Values should not be edited.
  • Addresses - holds all Address information used by Households and Facilities.
  • Attribute Types - holds all Attribute Types, which are used to categorize Attributes.
  • Attributes - holds all Attributes. Contacts assigned to a specific Attribute are visible in the People sub-page of an open Attribute.
  • Banks - used by the Batch Manager Tool. Can be restricted using Global Filter by setting the Accounting Company.
  • Bookmarks - holds all of the bookmarks that appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Platform. Bookmarks are global and available for all Users. It is recommended to add bookmarks that help your staff find information applicable to your church (e.g., Portal, Check-In, your organization's website, Think Ministry's KnowledgeBase, etc.).
  • Care Types - used by Care Cases to determine the type of care needed.
  • Certification Types - holds your church's certification types, like volunteer requirements, training, or certification courses completed through third a third party. NoteThis lays the foundation for some exciting future integrations! 
  • Event Types - used by the Event page to categorize Events.
  • Group Activities - this page has been deprecated and is no longer in use.
  • Group Attributes - holds all Group Attribute records linking Groups to their respective Attributes, if applicable.
  • Group Ended Reasons - used by the Groups page to record the reason a Group ended.
  • Group Focuses - used to help categorize Small Groups. Group Finder's URL can be filtered using these values.
  • Group Types - used to categorize Groups. This value is used within many reports, views, and Configuration Settings (it's recommended that you contact Support before editing these values).
  • Household Sources - used within the Household record to identify how a Household first interacted with the church (it's recommended that you contact Support before editing these values).
  • Life Stages - used to categorize Small Groups by a Life Stage. Group Finder's URL can be filtered using these values.
  • Meeting Durations
  • Opportunity Attributes - holds all Opportunity Attribute records linking Opportunities to their respective Attributes, if applicable.
  • Participant Types - used on the Participant record to identify how a person is interacting with the church.
  • Participation Items - used by churches who want to track various participant items (e.g., children who bring their Bibles).
  • Print Server - The list of available Print Servers created when the Print Service is installed and verified on a machine. In this context, a "Print Server" is a machine that has the Kiosk Print Service installed, verified, and running.
  • Service Types - Used by the Service Reservations page.