Server Requirements


If you need to upgrade or replace the server that was in place during your MinistryPlatform implementation, it must:

  • Meet the requirements below
  • Be certified by the MinistryPlatform team (via our partner Higher Ground Technologies)
  • Be moved by the MinistryPlatform team
There is a charge for this service. Please contact Support to begin the process.

The server must be configured with the following software. This is to be done by the church IT department or firm.

  • Windows Server: 2012 R2 64bit (or better)
  • SQL Server: MSSQL 2016 Standard or better. Enterprise for the greatest access to mobile reporting. (MSSQL 2017 is recommended as of 1/1/2020.)
  • Web Server: Running IIS with an SHA-2 (or better) SSL certificate installed
  • Web Server: ASP.NET installed
  • Web Server: SSRS Standard (or better)
  • Fully patched with current Windows Updates
SSRS Installation:
♦ Both SQL & SSRS must be on the same version year. For example, if you have MSSQL 2014, install SSRS 2014.
♦ Please leave the configuration step to us (automatic configuration adds a bunch of time to the process).
♦ If IIS and SQL are on separate servers, you may install SSRS on either server.
   ♦ If SSRS is on the IIS server, it is easier to configure access via SSL, but costlier to license.
   ♦ If SSRS is on the SQL server, it is cheaper to license, but harder to configure access via SSL.

A server must be provisioned by: 1) the church on site; 2) a third party at the church’s main location; or 3) a third party in a data center. That database server must meet the minimum requirement for MSSQL 2012/SSRS 2012 Standard or higher.

  • 4+GB RAM
  • Dual Core (or Quad Core) processor
  • 60+ GB System Partition
  • 120+ GB Data Partition
External Server Access

The MinistryPlatform team requires remote desktop access to both the web server and the SQL server. This access can be granted directly or over a prerequisite VPN connection.

  • Please provide a network or local server account with 24/7 access. This is for our the EXCLUSIVE and ONGOING of our personnel who will implement and support your church.
  • The account needs local Administrator privileges on both the web and database servers.
  • The account must have sysadmin privileges in SQL Server.
    If we are unable to access your server, we'll reach out to you with the expectation that you will restore access immediately. You may be charged our technical services rate of $110 per hour for all additional attempts to connect to your server and communicate with you about accessing your server regarding previously scheduled updates.