Prayer & Feedback


The Prayer & Feedback Widget allows Users to submit a prayer request, praise report, comment, and more! Even better? Prayer requests can be marked confidential with the check of a box.

  • If authenticated, the User will have the option to submit the prayer request or feedback as themselves, anyone else in their Household, or from a blank form. If the User is not logged in, they'll be asked to provide their contact information.
  • Feedback Types are controlled by optional attributes, so you can customize your User's experience. May we suggest having one Prayer and Feedback Widget limited to Prayer Requests and Praise Reports and a second Prayer Requests and Feedback Widget to gather Comments?
  • After submitting their prayer request or feedback, the user will be sent a verification email with a link to verify their feedback.
  • After the submission has been verified, a Prayer and Feedback record will be created.
  • When the "Private" box is checked, the submissions visibility will be set to "2 - Staff Only."
  • If the Prayer Request and Feedback Widget is filtered by a Program ID, that Program will be associated with the Prayer and Feedback record.
  • Contact Information: A User who is not logged in will be asked to provide their contact information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and, optionally, Mobile Phone) so their feedback can be matched with the correct Contact.
  • Provide Feedback As: An authenticated User can submit a response as themselves, anyone in their Household, or from a blank form. If they choose to submit from a blank form, they'll be prompted to provide their Contact information.
  • Feedback Type: The type of feedback the User is providing. Available Feedback Types are controlled by an optional attribute so you can do YOUR church YOUR way.
  • Feedback Summary: A required summary of the feedback written by the User.
  • Feedback Details: The User's prayer request or feedback.
  • Private: Entries that are marked "Private" will have a visibility level of "2 - Staff Only."
  • Submit: Triggers a verification email asking the User to verify their Prayer and/or Feedback.
  • Verification: After the User clicks the link included in the verification email, a Prayer & Feedback record associated with an authenticated user will be created. If no match is found for the Users first, last, email, or phone combination, a Contact will be created.

Want to let your people submit prayer requests and other feedback ASAP? Get started with Configuring Prayer & Feedback.